Thursday, September 9, 2010

Terrorists in our midst Part 2

Rumor has it that Bossier Parish Sheriff Larry Deen has organized a super-secret unit to investigate Islamic Terrorism in Bossier Parish.  I have heard that detectives have been diverted to this end. 
It's not hard to believe, as the Sheriff has expressed concerns about Islamic terrorist activity in the parish previously.
To be fair, there were incidents of domestic terrorism in the U.S. last year. 
In Little Rock, a Muslim citing religious reasons shot a soldier to death in a recruiting office.
Less than a year ago, a Muslim psychiatrist gunned down thirteen unarmed soldiers at Ford Hood while yelling praises to Allah.
In December a non-Muslim Islamic studies professor was stabbed to death by a Muslim graduate student in revenge for 'persecuted' Muslims.
There were other incidents involving men who were enforcing their own version of Sharia law against their families.
In Glendale, Arizona a woman was run over with a car being driven by her father, who said she was becoming too 'westernized', and in Buffalo, New York the founder of a Muslim TV station beheaded his wife because she filed for divorce.
Is there a threat in Bossier Parish?  Aside from a mosque in Bossier City and a number of convenience store operators, is there really that much of a Muslim presence here?
The latest figures I can find show that of a population in Louisiana of 4,219,973, 4,220 are Muslims.  That's 0.01% of the population.
Discussing that presence earlier this year when Operation Exodus was announced, Sheriff's spokesman Ed Baswell said "We didn't get the impression they were plotting an attack," he said. "We got the impression they were in training or headed for training overseas." He stressed: "We don't believe in any way shape or form that there is any sort of imminent threat."
Baswell described the intelligence as "just tidbits of information we've gotten over time."
Baswell said that the 9/11 attacks had orginally given Sheriff Deen the idea to come up with an emergency security plan. "This plan really came into being because of 9/11, and the sheriff's belief that if there were a natural or man-made disaster, that the federal government would be so tied up ... that they might not be able to send help to Bossier Parish," he said. "So the sheriff wanted to Bossier Parish to be self sufficient."
But Baswell was eager to make a larger point. "It tells us that these are the kinds of thing we can't assume are happening far, far away," he said. "Terrorists can tend to strike anywhere and everywhere."
"There's not a state of paranoia, or anything like that," he added.
Of course, next year is election year.

Link from Police One mentioned in comments below.


  1. I agree with the Boy Scout motto of "Be Prepared". While expecting to be overrun with jihadists may be a bit explosive, I don't think there's much harm in taking a look around to see if there's a threat.

    Domestic jihad is not as blatant as driveby shootings or vandalism. It's a little more under the radar or people don't report jihadist tendencies until he's screaming "Allahu Akbar" with a 5.7 blasting his coworkers to bits.

  2. This concern should be taken seriously, just look at the assets that are within our community. The Sherriff is dead on the money on this one. I hope he will not have the opportunity to say I told you so.

  3. I'm confused, jihadists expect to reap great rewards for great sacrifice yet all of their attacks are chicken shit sucker punches!

  4. Glad to see the great use of our tax dollars (SARCASM). Give me a break. Let's get real, this is probably an "investigative unit" to investigate "domestic terrorists". I guess this goes along with his Operation Exodus.

  5. @Anonymous 10:01

    You must be yet another one of those who got more information regarding Operation Exodus from Rachel Maddow than any of the few hundred active members.

    I'm a member, and we've undergone no weapons training, nor have we been issued any weapons. We have learned a little about facilitating a triage unit, how to find a safe shelter for a tornado, to smell for gas leaks after a disaster, how to find survivors in rubble, how to operate a food distribution center.

    Sounds quite a bit like jihad fighting to me too.

  6. @Anonymous September 10, 2010 8:08 AM

    Anything done in secret and in the shadows is not good. There should be transparency involved in any government operation. The Bossier Sheriff's office and Bossier Parish government is notorious for "closed, secret" meetings and not being open and honest with the public. The public has a right to know where their tax dollars are being sent.

    Guess they are saving the weapons training for actual deputies and officers.

    I do not need some governmental entity infringing upon my personal rights.

    Good for you that you are receiving training but have you asked yourself what you are training for exactly. Is there a plan to forcibly evacuate people? Where will all the displaced people go? Special camps? I don't want to depend upon the government for my food or shelter. I don't want the government taking my land that has been in my family for generations.

    There are those in society that do not appreciate big government and the police state.

  7. The BPSO has become the laughing stock among area law enforcement agencies.

  8. Maybe you ra-tards need to go read something about domestic terrorism. Hear, lemme help...

  9. Anon 10:01~~ I'm sure you have learned all the things that you have stated. You left out the part where you were trained so that the BSO and their families would be taken care of in the event of a so called national crisis. You will serve at the will of a man and his flunkies... Remember this is the man that put the courthouse on lockdown on 9/11 and had all his men gather there families and then put his men armed with rifles on the roof of the courthouse.... Was he worried about Barksdale being attacked then???? No!!! Did he assist the secret service or military police when Bush landed? NO!!! He was locked up in the courthouse!!

  10. Anonymous @ September 10, 2010 3:07 PM

    I can promise you that BPSO is NOT the laughing stock among area law enforcement agencies. I happen to belong to one of them.

  11. Anon at 4:09, I put your link at the bottom of the blog post so no one misses it.

  12. Yea. I work for SPD. There are a lot of us who WISH we could work for an agency like Bossier Parish. If anything, his troops are more prepared because of that "special unit" (if it exists). Maybe that's why I choose to live in Bossier but work in Shreveport.

  13. Regarding the role of Operation Exodus, we will not forcably evacuate anyone (Louisiana law even prohibits it). We are encouraged to respond, ONLY if our families are safe and taken care of. Much of our training has been with regard to tornadoes and hurricanes.

    There's nothing secret about operation exodus. You should call the sheriff's office and ask to attend the next training session. I was worried about it too after the media storm, but the media is wrong and has chosen not to find the truth.

  14. Operation Exodous and the Special Investigation Division are two seperate entities. The first is volunteers and the later is BSO deputies and detectives that are funded by Bossier Parish citizens.

  15. Yep, they have a super secret task force that pretty much targets anyone with an arabic sounding name. I have a friend on the "Special Investigator" task force. I totally agree that it is better to be prepared for anything. But from I hear, from an inside source, is that Deen believes that terrorists are going to attack somewhere in Bossier Parish, from the Red River. All law enforcement should be prepared for this but being over fanatic is kinda odd.


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