Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thank a Police Officer

It's Thank a Police Officer Day. To all of our BCPD, Shreveport PD, BPSO & CPSO officers, and to all in our extended area, thank you for your service to our communities.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Under the radar: School Board cuts crucial funding to classrooms

The Bossier Parish School Board made some cuts at their last meeting that will directly affect students and teachers. They voted to cut the parish per-student funds from $38 to $29. At the same meeting, technology was cut from $20 to $15, student fees from $10 to $8 and copier fees from $8 to $6.
For some schools, this may not have a drastic effect due to the affluence of the areas they serve. Benton Middle School raised $4,000 at a Sonic Night fundraiser, for example. Parkway, Airline and probably Haughton schools are capable of raising funds in their areas. Plain Dealing and Bossier High School, probably not so much.
Teachers copy allowances have been cut drastically, most teachers are having to pony up out of their own pockets just to make copies for class.
Of course, voters turned down propositions for employee raises and for technology. The main reason I heard at the time that the raises were denied was that the system was too top heavy, that if the money could go to teachers and lower tier employees, the vote would have been switched.
That, at least, is an out for the Board. They didn’t pay attention to the sentiment of the vote when they gave Superintendent D. C. Machen a $50,000 per year raise. I’m not saying that he should not be paid more in line with neighboring districts, this isn’t aimed at him. 
It is aimed at the Board for giving the Superintendent a raise that by itself exceeds the average income of Bossier Parish households at the same time that crucial classroom expenses are being cut.
I went to the School website to check the minutes of the meeting, but the last minutes posted are for August 1st.  It will be interesting to see who voted yea and nay.
A School Board special election is coming up in october for Dr. Brigham’s seat. It will be interesting to see what those candidates think of the cuts. Someone needs to ask them.
I volunteer. More later!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

This and That

I know it's been a while since I posted anything, just a little case of being burned out. I have been keeping up with Funny Bone Guy's rants (or FBG, as it has been shortened for convenience).
FBG is pretty entertaining. I've quit deleting his posts since no one takes them seriously at all. 
I was very happy to learn that I own a high-rise office building on Airline. I've never seen a high-rise on Airline, it must have gone up quickly, and I really would like to know where it is. Clue me in, FBG.
We have some interesting races coming up next year, mostly the Judicial ones. I have a feeling that will be a free for all. I'll look at them soon.
Anyway, the blog is back.
As a side note, Bill Moore had asked me when I was going to start blogging again. I had no idea that the next blog post I put up after he asked would be one about his passing.
Bill, I hope you're looking down on us, and on this blog, Cartman will live on forever.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bill Moore

I was shocked to learn of the death of Bill Moore. I first met Bill a couple of years ago, although I already felt that I knew him somewhat. Bill was one of the good guys, smart, funny and had a great personality. 
He commented often on My Bossier using the name Cartman. Bill and I kept up on Facebook, interacting pretty much daily along with our friend Andy and a couple of other 'regulars'. 
Some of you will remember Bill from Benton High School, where he taught math after he retired from the Air Force.
Bill was very proud of his son Mike, with good reason. His granddaughter Sara was the apple of his eye; he loved being a grandpa.
Bill is survived by his wife, Gin, Mike, Sara and daughter-in-law Carrie. His full obituary will be in the paper in the next day or so. Visitation will be Thursday evening and the funeral Friday morning at Rose-Neath Bossier.
Bill, you will truly be missed. The world is a better place because you were here.