Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hurricane Chris: Barbara Norton says Louisiana has 'always been a joke'

Rep. Barbara Norton of Shreveport, who introduced Hurricane Chris to the Louisiana Legislature to perform his now infamous rap song 'Halle Berry', says that the performance did not cause Louisiana to be a joke.
"Louisiana has always been a joke", says Rep. Norton in this interview.
Rep. Patrick Williams of Shreveport disagrees, saying that there is a time and place for everything, and this wasn't the time or the place.

Thanks to Greg Aymond at Central La Politics for the video

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy Mays cause of death - last Twitter post may be clue

Billy Mays last entry on Twitter was Saturday afternoon after landing in Tampa.
He tweeted from the plane:
Just had a close call landing in Tampa. The tires blew out upon landing. Stuck in the plane on the runway. You can always count on US Air.
1:01 PM Jun 27th from txt
Afterwards, he told MyFox Tampa Bay that "All of a sudden, as we hit, you know it was just the hardest hit, all the things from the ceiling started dropping," MyFox Tampa Bay quoted him as saying. "It hit me on the head, but I got a hard head."
His wife found him unreponsive this morning. An autopsy will be conducted on Monday.

Kaboom! Billy Mays dead at 50

Oxi Clean and Orange Glo won’t help with this – Billy Mays dead at 50.

Michael Jackson fans commit suicide: Jesse Jackson speaks out

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Barbara Norton & Hurricane Chris clowned by xxlmag.com

xxlmag.com clowns Barbara Norton & Hurricane Chris in Ron Mexico's blog - take 10 minutes for the funniest thing you have heard in a while.
Best is at the end.

wesawthat has been all over this

TOS'd by The Times

Apparently I made a mistake in commenting on the 'praise Michael Jackson' article in The Times.
In replying to this:
Never again will there be an entertainer that will come close to Michael's talent or genius. May he now be experiencing the peace that he never seem to find on earth
and this:
Even though i was not a huge fan I did like his music and i do agree that the world has lost a really big icon....It is really hard to beileve that he passed away so suddenly...May he R.I.P
I replied with this:
Yep, never mind that he was a pedophile who hurt little children and robbed them of their innocence. He made some cool music so that makes it all right. I think I'll be sick.
My comment was removed for violating Terms of Service.
Now these comments stayed up:

i would be ashamed to admit or defend this sick dog. they should have castrated him and hung him from the nearest telephone pole. what gets me is that all the black people talk about how much they miss him and loved him...the cold hard truth is he was ashamed of being black. first look at his kids. he was astranged from his weirdo family. look how he tried to bleach himself white. it wouldnt suprise me if the king of fitness mayor cedric glover and nutcase sharpton dont get together and try to name a street or park after the child molester int he cedar grove area.

Yes, let's read between the lines. Obviously your father touched you as a child. Used to call it "pop goes the weasel." You were then passed around in the trailer to all your kin. Hearing the name Michael Jackson brought back painful memories for you. You go by the name "
removed" because you are trying to convince yourself that you are not gay. Accept it, come on out the closet. Then die and burn.

I was wondering why my comment was so much more offensive. I decided to read the Terms of Service to see what rule I had broken.

The page could not be found (404).

Well, maybe they make them up as they go.
Then I realized that I was technically incorrect in my comment. I called Jackson a pedophile. The strict definition of pedophile is:
. .a psychosexual disorder in which the fantasy or actual act of engaging in sexual activity with prepubertal children . .
Well, there you go. Apparently Jackson liked his kids (or some of them) at the age of puberty. Otherwise, how could "defendant Michael Jackson eating the semen of plaintiff" apply?
I apologize for using the term pedophile. Perhaps 'child molester' would have been more appropriate.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't let the oral copulation with a minor stop your adoration - let's go to the Boardwalk and honor him!

The picture at left is a grief-stricken fan of Michael Jackson who is dancing to his music in her tribute to him.
Tomorrow night you can do the same!
The Times says that “A tribute and candlelight vigil in honor of pop icon Michael Jackson will be at 8 p.m. Saturday underneath the Texas Sreet Bridge near Salt Grass Steakhouse at Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City.
“He touched millions across the world with his music… And I just wanted to do something that would spark unity because that’s what he was all about,” said event coordinator James “Eskuire” Haggard, who organized the event.”

He did touch some people
In the 90’s, Jackson was sued on behalf of a 13 year old boy whom he had ‘touched’ – but not with his music.
"Defendant Michael Jackson, with the intent to cause a harmful or offensive contact with an intimate part of plaintiff, repeatedly committed sexual battery upon plaintiff by having sexually offensive contacts with the plaintiff. These sexually offensive contacts include but are not limited to defendant Michael Jackson orally copulating plaintiff, defendant Michael Jackson masturbating plaintiff, defendant Michael Jackson eating the semen of plaintiff, and defendant Michael Jackson having plaintiff fondle and manipulate the breasts and nipples of defendant Michael Jackson while defendant Michael Jackson would masturbate.

Jackson settled the suit for over $15,000,000. The statement by the victim stated that Jackson named several other youngsters with whom he had sexual contact.
Read a complete copy of the lawsuit here.
Don't let all the diddling little boys and eating their semen stop you from getting on your feelgood tribute to the 'king of pop'.
Beat it down to the boardwalk for a ‘tribute and candlelight vigil’ to honor him.

Hurricane Chris rap to the La Legislature has gone national

170,000 views on YouTube in one day.
Here are links posted by wesawthat, who put up the video.

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rapper causes controversy at la capitol

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More on Hurricane Chris video

Here are the lyrics for the "song" that opened the session of the legislature. Rep. Barbara Norton of Shreveport wanted her "godson" to have the spotlight.

Bow bow bow
Bow bow
Bow bow bow
Bow bow
Bow bow bow
Bow bow
Bow bow bow
Bow bow
Bow bow bow
Bum bum bum
Bum bum bum
Bum bum bum
Bum bum bum
She fine den a bitch, ass and her tits
Thick in tha hips every nig want her
Call her Halle Berry, Halle berry
Halle Berry, Halle berry
She walkin like a model
Hands on your knees
Scrub the ground
She ain't nothing but a tease
Halle Berry, Halle berry
Halle Berry, Halle berry
Well let's get ratchet
Let's get ratchet
Look at her prettier then Halle and thicker than Janet
She say she like all of my club bangers I be jamming
Told her to bust it open let me see what's really happnin
She the ship and I'm the captain
I'm tha captain
Booty bigger than the pus
And I'm all the way in your city
I'm from louisianna so you gotta show me how your
City do it for that camera
Make it drop and bring it back to the top
You no amateur
Girl you can give it to me it ain't nothing I can't handle
She just got out of the shower smellin like a scented candle
And I'm finna finna?
Sliding off tha mattress
No moving no acting baby this is real action
Beat it up so bad
You be scared to walk past me
I know your halle berry
Baby there's no acting
I beat it up so bad
You be scared to walk past me for real
She fine den a bitch ass and her tits
Thick in tha hips every nig want her
Call her Halle Berry, Halle berry
Halle Berry, Halle berry
She walkin like a model
Hands on your knees
Scrub the ground
She ain't nothing but a tease
Halle Berry, Halle berry, Halle berry
Halle Berry, Halle berryHalle berry you jazze
That's way past fine
Girl you look like something that should be on tha dance line
Increadable by tha waist
Pluss she got a pretty face
Even tho she got class she listen to UGKI'm finna flip her through traffic
With tha top back of tha donkGirl
I gaurntee I can make you go numb numb numb numb
I got enough bread to take me and you to London
And back to America and all over the country
She make me want to keep her close by
Like a side kick
She tha type of chick that ain't gone never look sloppy
I'm a beat it out the frame
Hurricane that's who I be
You must be Halle berry
I don't need to see your Id
She fine den a bitch ass and her tits
Thick in tha hips every nig want her
Call her Halle Berry, Halle berry
Halle Berry, Halle berry
She walkin like a model
Hands on your knees
Scrub the ground
She ain't nothing but a tease
Halle Berry, Halle berryHalle Berry, Halle berry
Gone bob your head
Gone work your shoulder
Now what I just said girl do it on tha dick
Age ain't shit
I done got a lil older
Me or you man baby girl take a pic
Whitch one
She so classy, Shes so jazzy
Lil momma blow like a
Do it on tha dick
She don't need no help
She say she got itS
he do it all by her self
Get so fine
Like a god damn ticket
Gave her a hickey
In order for a nig like me to spend cash
You gotta bounce like shocks in your ass
You, bed, ass, work
Start slow faster
Mr. Halle Berry
Mr.Take your bitch
Take her from tha club
To tha car to tha dick
She fine den a bitch ass and her tits
Thick in tha hips every nig want her
Call her Halle Berry, Halle berry
Halle Berry, Halle berry
She walkin like a model
Hands on your knees
Scrub the ground
She ain't nothing but a tease
Halle Berry, Halle berry, Halle berry
Halle Berry, Halle berry

From wesawthat

Sorry, no gushy words for Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, pop star/child molester is dead at age 50. Sorry I don't have any gushy words. The 24 hour media is winding up for a bonanza of grieving fans and mounds of flowers.
Channel 12 announced that they will have more about Jackson's 'life and legacy' at 10.
Jackson settled a lawsuit for $15,000,000 back in the 90's in a molestation case.
In 2003 he faced four counts of molesting a minor, four counts of intoxicating a minor, one count of abduction, and one count of conspiring to hold the boy and his family captive. He was found not guilty, mainly because the jury realized that the mother had set the child up for the abuse so she could go for a big settlement. That did not expulcate his guilt, but it did disgust the jury to such an extent that they felt more contempt for the mom than for Jackson.
If you want to celebrate his big heart and his great art, go somewhere else.

Wonder why Louisiana is in trouble?

It is the last week of this legislative session. Money is in short supply, and your legislators are working hard to find solutions.
Or not.
She fine den a bitch, ass and her tits
Thick in tha hips every nig want her
Call her Halle Berry, Halle berry
Halle Berry, Halle berry

Take time to watch it - it is worth it.
Thanks to wesawthat.

Update: Since we first posted this, wesawthat reports that the video is linked on
Channel 3 Memphis
Channel 19 Huntsville

It also has had 11,000 hits on YouTube so far today.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Woman knocks Mom out in Benton then poops on her back

Story from KSLA.

The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office arrested a mother and daughter Tuesday after a physical altercation got out of hand.
37-year-old Destinie Duvall, of Willis, Texas and her mother 62-year-old Patricia Hacker of Benton were arrested according to deputies after getting into a physical fight with each other.
According to deputies, Duvall knocked Hacker out of a chair and then kicked her in the head, causing Hacker to lose consciousness.
While Hacker was unconscious, Duvall defecated on Hacker's back, said deputies.

You're forgiven, now go away

Dear Governor Sanford, Senator Ensign and Senator Vitter,
We feel your pain. We listened to your tearful apologies. We listened to you beg our forgiveness. You are forgiven, now go away. Go jump into the losers bin with President Clinton, Senator Craig, Congressman Foley, Congressman Condit and all of the others.
Just leave us alone. None of you deserve to continue in a position of trust that you have abused.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Henry Burns Votes to Block Transparency in Governor's office

Henry Burns cast a disappointing vote yesterday in support of blocking transparency in the governor’s office. Overall, I have been happy with Burns' representation of our district. It appears, however, that he is slipping into the same old politics that just seem impossible to change in Louisiana.
Louisiana currently ranks as the worst state in the union for transparency in the governor's office. Rep. Wayne Waddell of Shreveport introduced a bill that would have given true transparency. The Governor's people promptly killed that one and introduced an alternate bill, that actually will make the situation worse. For one thing, it will give exemptions to state agencies that heretofore did not have them.
From Charlie Buras at The Old River Road:
House Speaker Jim Tucker, R-Terrytown, said the proposed law would continue exceptions from the public records law that are in existence today that have not served the public well.
Tucker proposed making all Governor’s Office records public then giving the governor the same limited “privilege” legislators enjoy for secrecy.
Basically, Tucker's amendment would have kept those records related to the "deliberative process" off-limits, but removed the blanket exemption on intra-office communications and the governor's security and schedule (only records related to details of security that could compromise safety would remain off-limits). But making the governor's office as transparent as other elected officials was apparently too much for Jindal as he had the amendment killed 47-50.
Get a complete listing of those representatives who lacked the political courage to disobey Jindal's orders and stand up for real reform.
MORE: How soon before Jindal works into his stump speech something to the effective of: "this year I pushed legislation that lifted the blanket public records exemption for the governor's office, opening up gubernatorial records for public scrutiny for the first time in 69 years; this is the type of real reform that we need to move Louisiana forward, and the type of reform that makes government more transparent and accountable to the citizens of this great state"??
I’m betting not too long.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How would you define "lower socioeconomic people"?

I read this at The Norla Blog and then followed their link to The Times.
The Police Jury was discussing a program created with the federal stimulus package that would rebuild neighborhoods across America that have virtually been emptied by foreclosures and poverty. The Housing Authority of Bossier City is applying for at least $2.5 million in those federal funds. The authority or a nonprofit organization administered by it would use the money to rebuild houses and sell some of them.
Only one strip of Bossier Parish is blighted enough for this project — the area north of Highway 80 as it comes into Bossier City from Hamilton Road to the Red River.
Sounds good to me. Take a neighborhood that has become slum infested, rebuild some of the houses and sell them to worthy people.
Police Jury member Wanda Bennett, however, sees danger.
"We don't need to encourage low-income housing."
The low-income housing is already there. What is being proposed would improve it.
"It's very unpopular to do what I am doing right now, talking about it ... but one of the reasons Bossier Parish is enjoying such a good life right now is because we don't have the groups of lower socioeconomic people."
Well, yes we do. Who do you think lives in the area in question? I haven't seen anyone selling their houses in Stonebridge to get down to Hamilton Road lately. The point of the project is to improve on what already exists.
As The Norla Blog points out, " the issue isn’t the stereotypical housing project. My understanding is that these are single family homes, there are rigorous ownership requirements and even close supervision and assistance for residents. Bennett, as an elected official, ought to do her homework before making decisions."
I'm not endorsing or trashing the stimulus package. That is another subject. We realize that it pains Mayor Walker, who said earlier this week that he has 'reservations' about the stimulus. It probably caused him a lot of grief as he signed application after application to ensure that the city gets all that it can.
For the life of me, I can't follow the reasoning. Well, that's not entirely true. I grew up in segregated Bossier Parish. I know who the 'groups of lower socioeconomic people' are. Members of the Police Jury wouldn't dare get more specific in public, but we get the reference, just as everyone else does. I get the reference, but I don't follow the reasoning. I recognize the fear that is struck in every Bossierite's heart as they contemplate the influx of large numbers of blacks from Shreveport into Bossier to, god forbid, buy a house. I just don't believe that these housing improvements will be the trigger, and I do believe that it will benefit the people currently living in the neighborhood.
Let's take another look at it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mayor Glover Trashes the Constitution

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated ..."
...4th amendment to the U. S. Constitution

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover has some mighty strange views of the U. S. constitution. He believes that municipal police officers possess the power to suspend the rights granted by that constitution.
"Each of those police officers . . even the most junior the one who is fresh out of the academy has a power that I as elected Mayor of Shreveport do not have. They have a power that the President of the United States doesn’t have. . . .and that is the ability to be able to suspend your rights."
These were his words.
This is even worse than it first appeared.
Go to Conservative Drink and read the whole story.
Click Here for Audio and Video.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shreveport Mayor says that when the police stop you, 'your rights are suspended'

Hear video from Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk radio show of a conversation between a Shreveport man and Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover. Robert Baillio was stopped by a police officer who, without a warrant or without probable cause, took a gun from his truck. When Mr. Baillio called Mayor Glover for an explanation, he was told, more than once that ‘when you are stopped by a police officer, your rights are suspended’.
The Mayor owes an explanation for his remarks.
Listen to the broadcast and to Mr. Baillio’s conversation with the Mayor here: 090614guntalkA.mp3
The mayor's comments start at 12:30 into the audio.

H/T Vote The Record

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cucumber Guy is on the State Lottery website!


Thomas Smith, Jr.
Hometown: Bossier City

Game Played: Lotto


Bossier Man Arrested for Illegal Sex acts with Minors!

Chief Halphen and the Cucumber Guy

I promised myself that I would not blog about this story, and I had no desire to do so.
I'm speaking, of course, about the, ummm, cucumber guy. You know, the one who paid teenage boys and crackheads to stick cucumbers, well, this is embarassing, where the sun don't shine. The Times reported that Thomas Smith Jr. used money to entice the 16-year-olds into his home and have them stick objects, such as cucumbers and sex toys, into his rectum. He paid them $20 for each occurrence, the most recent about a month ago.
I promised not to blog about it until I read some comments by Bossier Police Chief Halphen that I thought were a little strange.
Chief Halphen said “It’s very disturbing, so easy to influence a child to do something." Okay so far.
"In their minds, they felt like they weren’t doing anything wrong.”
The chief also said "Adults, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. If it happened to you when you were younger come forward let us know."
Back up (pardon the expression).
In their minds they felt like they weren't doing anything wrong. Wait a minute. Sixteen year old boys don't think that there is anything wrong with taking $20 to stick a cucumber up some old man's booty? I think they knew.
Adults, if you did this when you were younger there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Again, ask yourself - if a 75 year old pervert asked you to stick cucumbers up his booty when you were 16 years old would you feel like you weren't doing anything wrong? Would you think it was nothing to be embarrassed about?
The arrest was a good one and they even got a confession. I am just puzzled at the chief saying it's 'nothing to be embarrassed about'. I think it is.
I'm also puzzled at his saying they felt like they weren't doing anything wrong. I think they knew.
They are not criminally liable for anything, and shouldn't be. But I honestly hope that they do feel some embarrassment. It's a shame if they don't.
More from KSLA.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stripped and Maced in Bossier Max

Sheila Lozada has filed suit in U S District Court against the Bossier Parish sheriff and several individual officers for “unreasonable search and seizure, battery, excessive use of force, failure to provide due process and failure to provide adequate medical care.”
It happened when Lozada went to the Bossier Courthouse on May 2, 2008 to pick up a copy of a record and was arrested on a non-existent warrant. Apparently a warrant had been issued due to a scheduling mixup but was recalled.
According to Ms. Lozado, when the detective told her that there was a warrant, she called the DA’s office on her cell phone and was told, within the detective’s hearing, that the warrant had been recalled. The deputy told Ms. Lozada, according to the suit, that ‘we are not the DA’ and proceeded to arrest her.
She was booked at Bossier Max (known on the street as ‘Booty Maximus’, but we won’t go there). She was forcibly stripped in the presence of male officers and was maced.
Greg Aymond of Alexandria, publisher of the Central La Politics blog, posted the Channel 12 video on his YouTube channel.
You can read the entire story from KSLA.
You can also read a copy of the lawsuit.
The sheriff’s spokesman told Channel 12 that they could not comment because of the lawsuit, but then made the remark that ‘we have a history’ with her, and then failed to give any details of that history.
(Read the article in Central La Politics)

Criminal Justice: Marvin appoints Andrew Jacobs

Bossier/Webster DA Schuyler Marvin announced the appointment of Andrew Jacobs as an Assistant DA. Jacobs has done extensive criminal work with the Indigent Defender Board. He received his law degree from LSU in 1999.
According to the Press Tribune, Marvin said “In his new position, Mr. Jacobs will handle mainly felonies and misdemeanor cases. I felt it was imperative that my office increase the number of prosecutors to ensure that the people of Bossier and Webster parishes receive the best legal representation possible. Mr. Jacobs’ working knowledge of the district from practicing before all sections of the court in Webster and Bossier parishes will ensure a smooth transition for him and the people of the district.”

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adley criticizes Division of Administration blog

I can't believe that I'm complimenting Sen. Robert Adley twice within a month's time. Adley delivered a Senate floor speech today and said the blog known as "The Ledger" is a violation of state law that prohibits the use of taxpayer money to express political views.
I don't know when the Division of Administration became the Propaganda Ministry, but in the Jindal administration it seems that every office has it's own spin doctors.
Good for Senator Adley for calling them out.

Updated Thursday, June 11:
Charlie Buras at the Old River Road blog says that the blog is not illegal, it's just not very good.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

LSU Headed to Omaha

LSU heads to Omaha where their first challenge will be the winner of the Virginia - Ole Miss matchup tomorrow.

Go over to LSU Sports and get full coverage including video.

Friday, June 5, 2009

BPCC Provides on-set training with movie project

Bossier Parish Community College's Film Institute is a week into producing "At War with the Ants." To provide on-set training, these summer movie projects pull together student crews, faculty and local talent.
"We have a lot of new students," said BPCC prof Paul Kaszuba, "and they are very excited about the experiences they've received this week."
The project, BPCC's seventh, shoots through June 26.

Read the entire article by Alexandyr Kent at Louisiana Movies.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Woman Attacks Scrotum - Judge Orders Protection

You can't make this up.
A Louisiana man has filed a petition for protection from abuse against his wife. He alleged that after they went to bed she "made sexual advancements toward me and started getting really aggressive with my scrotum until I had to leave the room".
She followed him downstairs to "attack my scrotum more, slapping, kicking, kneeing, punching, scratching."
Finally, he "ran out the front door and went to a friends to stay".
A (male) judge promptly signed an order for temporary protection and set a court date.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Criminal Justice: Who Deserves a Break?

Nolle Prosequi (Nol Pross): A decision by the prosecuting attorney, filed with the court, that a case will not be further prosecuted.
This will be the first of a series that will take a look at the criminal justice system in Bossier Parish. There will be some good things to report and some that are questionable.

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to say that the DA should be tough on crime and not plead so many cases. Realistically, there aren’t enough courtrooms, enough judges, enough prisons or enough time in the day to prosecute every case to its fullest. The DA has to make selective decisions; the question is, are they always the right ones?
The most serious charges such as murder or aggravated rape are certain to be prosecuted and most go to trial. We have written about the case of Lance Thamm, who will be on trial later this year for the murder of his 18 month old daughter. This case, I am sure, will be vigorously prosecuted.
On less serious charges, discretion comes into play. This is where we are concentrating.
I don’t think anyone objects to diversion programs for young first offenders. Everyone believes that young people deserve a second chance, and the courts have good programs to offer that opportunity. Some take advantage of it to change their lives, other don’t.
In a lot of cases, charges are pled by dropping a minor charge or two and accepting a guilty plea on a more serious charge. This allows the court to deal with an offender without going through a long trial.
In some cases, the law probably needs to be tweaked in order to properly prosecute cases. Domestic violence is one instance. Lance Thamm, who we mentioned above, was charged with domestic violence in February of 2007. Nothing at all was done on the case for a year. In January of 2008 he was charged again with domestic violence as well as a drug charge. He entered a plea of not guilty. In February he killed his daughter by slamming her head against a door jamb. Would vigorous prosecution of the 2007 charge have made a difference? Probably not, it was a first time misdemeanor. If the laws were toughened, would it make a difference? We will be asking the District Attorney’s office a couple of these questions and get their response.
Coming up next week, should a repeat offender, someone who served multiple jail terms and still faced multiple charges, have been given the advantage of having several of those charges, including five felonies, dropped so one conviction could be obtained?

Monday, June 1, 2009

See the USA (In your Chevrolet)

Who woulda thunk it? You and I are now the majority owners of GM, and all I could think about on hearing the news was this stupid song.
This commercial came out about the time that former GM CEO Charles Wilson said that 'what is good for General Motors is good for America'. I hope so.
To age myself properly, I remember our 1953 Chevrolet, which is what is shown in the commercial.