Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mayor Glover to return Suburban to Police Department

The Mayor of Shreveport apologized to the City Council Tuesday and said that he will return a vehicle that was bought with police funds. The council had criticized Glover for assigning the new Suburban, which was purchased and outfitted by the Police Department, to the mayor's office for his use.
Glover also announced that he will forego his $450 month car allowance and will no longer provide car allowances for his staff. He told the council that he did not intend to undermine their authority.
It's good to see a political figure step up and admit a mistake and correct it. Although many thought the mayor had a lapse in judgment in acquiring the vehicle as he did, rather than putting it in the mayor's budget, they can take heart in his actions Tuesday.
There actually is honor in His Honor.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pentagon Developing Plan to choose site for Cyber Command

The Air Force will spend the next several months devising the methodology to select the base that will be home to new Air Force Cyber Command, its head learned in a conference call Friday with top service brass. "It was the Pentagon guys informing the rest of us that they have to come up with ... an eight-step process to do this (National Environmental Protection Act evaluation)," said Maj. Gen. William Lord, who is commander of the new command, starting up in a provisional form at Barksdale Air Force Base.
"They're experts at this, so it's not like they have to invent it from scratch, but they have to document it, and ... get the secretary's general counsel to OK that process. That's what they're doing right now. "The process will determine the effect basing the 541 people of Cyber Command's headquarters could have on area schools, infrastructure, communications and transportation, and how these will affect the operation of the command. He agreed with spokesmen for Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne, who said the process will delay selection of the new command's home base "into the fall of this year."
excerpt from The Times

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rabbit vs Snake

Just to lighten things up a litte, I thought that this YouTube video of a fearless rabbit would make some great viewing.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Garbarino Incident is International Story

Since we were the first to carry this story after KTBS, we are pretty visible for people searching this on Google. In addition to hundreds of hits and page views from all over the United States, just in the last 16 hours (since midnight) we have had hits from a number of foreign countries. It is not unusual to have some international hits on the blog, but to have this number who all were searching this particular subject on Google is pretty striking. There are many more over the last two days.
There are 23 videos posted on YouTube relating to the incident with over 250,000 views. I didn't check Google Video or MySpace, but I imagine they are there too.
We are putting up this video of the ABC News coverage of the incident. At the present time, it has more comments than any other YouTube video in the news & politics section.

Our international hits from 12AM through 4:00 PM Thursday:
Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada
Geneva Switzerland
Ljubljana Slovenia
Singapore Singapore
Korea, Republic Of
's-hertogenbosch Noord-brabant Netherlands
Munich Bayern Germany
Stockholm Sweden
Osijek Osjecko-baranjska Croatia
Malmö Skane Sweden
Stockholm Sweden
United Kingdom
Ljubljana Slovenia
Uppsala Sweden
United Kingdom
Madrid Spain
Stockholm Sweden
Las Palmas Canary Islands Spain
London England United Kingdom
Uddevalla Vastra Gotaland Sweden
London England United Kingdom
Barcelona Cataluña Spain
Vienna Wien Austria
Ottawa Ontario Canada
Brussels Belgium
Kanata Ontario Canada
Barcelona Cataluña Spain
Berlin Germany
Versailles Ile-de-france France
Bologna Emilia-romagna Italy
United Kingdom

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shreveport Police Chief Statement Video

Shreveport Police Chief Henry Whitehorn made a statement Wednesday concerning the incident with Angie Garbarino in which Officer Wiley Willis was terminated. The chief, with Mayor Cedric Glover at his side, said that Willis was terminated for violating department procedures. The file has been turned over to Caddo Parish District Attorney Paul Carmouche.
Whitehorn also announced that Bill Flanagan, Assistant US Attorney, had contacted him saying that his office and the FBI will be investigating the incident. The chief pledged his full support to the investigation.
The Shreveport Police Union is opposing Wiley's firing.

Video of Chief Whitehorn's statement

Video of Angie Garbarino on Good Morning America

Officer Willis Deserves Due Process

Thirty-Six Hours ago, the only references on the internet to the incident involving Angela Garbarino and Shreveport Police Officer Wiley Willis were the original story by KTBS and the blog post by My Bossier. Now the media, local and national, and the blogosphere are buzzing with this story.
There are now several You Tube videos of the incident. The original one has had over 32,000 views and more than 650 comments. Unfortunately, some of the users were posting Officer Willis' home address and phone number in the comments section. That's why we pulled the video from our site.
The Times, exhibiting some sort of passive-aggressive behavior, only ran an article after the whole country was buzzing about the incident. ABC's 'Good Morning America' ran the story yesterday morning. The local paper didn't run it until 3:30 yesterday afternoon.
Now they are asking everyone with a 'bad cop' story to 'share' with them. Good Lord, anyone who has ever received a ticket has a 'bad cop' story!
Chief Whitehorn is scheduled to hold a press conference this morning dealing with the incident. Hopefully, he will call on an outside agency, perhaps the Attorney General, to fully investigate the incident. Until it is investigated in a thorough manner by an unbiased source everyone should withhold judgment.
The tape looks bad. The fact that Officer Willis had previous incidents that alleged improper behavior, and the fact that Chief Whitehorn fired him, also looks bad.
But Officer Willis is innocent until proven guilty of any crime, and he is entitled to due process. Let cooler heads prevail.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More on Angie Garbarino - Officer Willis

UPDATE: The Times finally put the story up at 3:24PM!

As of 2:30 Tuesday afternoon, The Times online still has no reference to this story. KSLA did pick it up this morning. The Times does have some new headlines about the Wisconsin Primary today, about the Netts sending Kidd to the Mavericks and one about 'Girls Night Out' from Red River Moms. I guess they have their own priorities over there.

The story aired on Good Morning America on ABC today. Here is a link to their story with a warning - it has some very graphic photos of the injuries.

Since I wrote the last entry at 7:15 this morning, we have had more than 200 more views from Google searches.

Note: I removed the YouTube video from the last entry because users on YouTube are posting the officers address and phone number in their comments, and we don't want to link to that.

No Coverage from The Times

Since we published the story below (Shreveport Police Officer Fired), we have received multiple hits on our humble little blog from people searching for this story on Google. We got it from KTBS and, of course, gave them all the credit. It was also picked up by WKRG in Mobile, Alabama. I could find nothing on the websites of KTAL or KSLA about it. Why is the local media avoiding this story?
We had hits from:
Henderson, NV
West Lafayette, IN
New York, NY (multiple hits)
Arlington, VA
Alexandria, VA
Hyattsville, MD
Austin, TX
Newnan, GA
Sydney, Australia
Tulsa, OK
Reston, VA
Marrero, LA
Jacksonville, AR
Mountain View, CA
Los Angeles, CA (multiple hits)
Alhambra, CA
Las Vegas, NV (mutliple hits)
Lafayette, LA
Monroe, LA
Atlanta, GA
Burnaby, British Columbia
Flemington, NJ
Spartanburg, SC
Minneapolis, MN
Seattle, WA
Shawnee, KS
Montreal, Quebec
West Chester, PA
Longview, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Agoura Hills, CA
Montgomery, AL
So you can see, this story isn't exactly a secret - except at The Times. Not a word. Not one. Why is it that people all over the country (world) are looking for information about this incident, and our own local newspaper hasn't run a word of it.
Good for KTBS, they are doing what good journalists should do - report the news, not cover it up.
Oh, and it's on YouTube too. Below is the video.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Shreveport Police Officer Fired

This from KTBS News - see link at the bottom for entire article and video:
A Shreveport police officer has been fired after an incident in which a female prisoner taken into custody on suspicion of DWI wound up lying on a floor at the police station in a pool of blood.
Much of what happened was recorded on a videotape – but there is a gap of undetermined length. During that time, the woman wound up injured. She said she was beaten up; the officer said she fell.
The woman, Angie Garbarino of Shreveport, was argumentative when she was brought to the DWI unit’s office last November. The videotape shows she did not want to listen to Officer Wiley Willis as he read her rights. . . . .
The situation escalated and the videotape shows the officer push the woman against the wall; she fell to the floor crying and telling him not to touch her.
She later tried to leave again. What happened next was outside the view of the camera but the woman can be heard screaming before she is placed back in a chair.
Seconds later, the tape is turned off. It is not known what happened while the tape was off, but when it was turned back on Garbarino was lying on the floor on her side in a pool of blood.
Willis turns her on her back and tells her, “Lay down; don’t move, ”the videotape shows.
“I can't believe you just did what you just did. I really can't,” she said.

Read the complete story and see the tape at KTBS

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Free Hannah Montana Tickets for Legislators

WAFB in Baton Rouge had a story about the free "Hannah Montana" tickets for the governor's chief of staff and four legislators. This story came out during the same week that the legislature passed a law outlawing free tickets for 'sports and cultural' events.
Advice for these guys - call Ticketmaster next time. It's all about perception, and they just don't get it.
Read more commentary at JindalWatch, Your Right Hand Thief and wesawthat.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Shreveport City Judge Laleshia Walker Alford Removed from Bench

The Opinion handed down on the 15th day of February, 2008, is as follows:
(Judiciary Commission of Louisiana)
For the foregoing reasons, we order that Judge Laleshia Walker Alford
of the Shreveport City Court, Parish of Caddo, is hereby removed from
office, and that her office is hereby declared vacant. Further,
respondent is ordered pursuant to La. Sup. Ct. Rule XXIII, Section 26
to refrain from qualifying as a candidate for judicial office for five
years and until certified by this Court as eligible to become a
candidate for judicial office. Finally, pursuant to La. Sup. Ct. Rule
XXIII, §22, we cast respondent with costs incurred in the investigation
and prosecution of this proceeding in the amount of $5,000.00.
JOHNSON, J., concurs and assigns reasons.

For a link to the entire opinion, go to the website of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Bossier Deputy Arrested for Malfeasance, Theft

A Bossier Parish deputy was arrested Friday on charges he stole restitution funds from the probation office. Daryl Slade Hood, 36, of Benton, was booked into the Bossier Maximum Security Facility on one count each of forgery, malfeasance in office and felony theft, Sheriff Larry Deen said.
Hood’s arrest came after a supervisor reported funds missing from the probation office. Investigators determined the deputy had diverted some of the funds for his personal use.
Bond has been set at $450,000.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More on the Red Light Camera Scam

The Times picked a great day to run their editorial supporting the red light camera scam. Today the Lafayette City/Parish government and other defendants, including Redflex Traffic Systems Inc, the Australian company that furnishes this service, were hit with a class action lawsuit seeking the return of money paid on over 18,000 fines, among other things. The suit also alleges that Redflex worked with the local government to make the 'yellow' lights shorter than required by law in order to issue more citations. The system is clearly unconstitutional, as it puts the burden of proof on the person who is charged. Read the suit, it's interesting.
Compliments of We Saw That, you may view the entire lawsuit here.
I wonder if Councilman Lester has any financial dealing of any nature with any company that proposes to furnish the city with this equipment?
According to the State Ethics Board's website, Lester has an outstanding balance on ethics fines of $5,000. You may view it here. That doesn't exactly infuse confidence in the person who is pushing this initiative.
Perhaps the City of Shreveport needs to move very, very slowly on this issue.

Police in Florida Dump Quadraplegic from Wheelchair

This is unconscionable. This deputy needs to be charged and jailed.

Red Light Scam comes to Shreveport

The Times published an editorial this morning favoring cameras at intersections for red light enforcement. Councilman Calvin Lester is pushing the initiative. Here is an excerpt from the Times editorial.

"Motorists who feel the need to speed through red lights could be in for a rude awakening if the Shreveport City Council approves the use of red-light cameras at busy intersections.Indeed, drivers who run red lights consistently jeopardize the safety and lives of others. Strategies that can pass constitutional and fairness standards are worthy of review in order to improve safety on city streets.
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 22 percent of all traffic accidents in the United States are caused by drivers running red lights. Not only that, these accidents kill nearly 1,000 people yearly and cost an estimated $7 billion dollars in property damage, medical bills, lost productivity and insurance hikes.Though many motorists wouldn't balk at a police officer at problem intersections, skeptics and those who hold technology suspect have sidelined attempts to install the cameras — a policing tool — in some cities.In 2001, House Bill 1591, which would have allowed Louisiana municipalities to install cameras to take pictures of traffic violators' license plates, died a quick death.Some House members objected, saying Big Brother would essentially be enforcing laws by remote control, giving the public little if any means with which to defend themselves."

This has been a real problem for several municipalities already. Check out some of these from We Saw That.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cedric's Police Vehicle

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover has stirred up a hornets nest by appropriating a new Suburban that was purchased by the police department for his own use. In a letter responding to the concerns of city council members, Glover said he needs the vehicle for a security protocol which he asked Chief Whitehorn to develop. Glover has asked the council to transfer the costs to the mayor's budget.
Glover didn't specify what security concerns the vehicle supposedly addresses. We do know that the vehicle is equipped with lights and siren, all the bells and whistles.
I can understand somewhat. Say you're at the corner of 70th and Line in Cedar Grove and a gunfight breaks out. Just flip on the lights, turn on the siren and take off. I wouldn't mind having those ameneties myself, and that definitely would help with your personal security.
Need to make a quick run to Herby-K's for some stuffed shrimp? Jump in the Suburban and take off. Traffic backed up on Youree Drive and you're in a hurry to get to Macaroni Grill? Damn the traffic, turn on the lights and hit the shoulder - you'll be dipping hot bread in olive oil before those other suckers make it to the light.
I realize that hizzoner would have trouble fitting his substantial self into a more economical vehicle, and if the city is going to furnish him a ride, the Suburban is as good as any. Politicians these days seem to really love the SUV's, you know.
He should have included it in the budget of the mayor's office. I think the council is rightfully upset by the end run of putting it into the police budget. The mayor needs to address the public on this issue and make it right. He has had a lot of goodwill so far in his term, and doesn't need to jeapordize it over a car.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Did Robert Adley Applaud?

Maybe my eyes are deceiving me, but I do believe that Robert Adley was sitting there applauding when Governor Jindal delivered the following line:

"Last year, including this issue (local disclosure) became a poison pill that killed financial disclosure legislation.
Let me be clear, that will not happen again

I believe he was applauding. Looks good on TV. Remember, last May it was Adley who was responsible for killing the bill because it included municipal officials. At that time he said
This whole thing has been a sham, hiding behind local government. (We) “worked very hard to put together a disclosure package for legislators and it’s not our job to sit here and pass it on to local government.”
If it was a sham then it is a sham now. Why applaud? Was his conversion to the Republican party so complete, and has his new life as a Jindalista ripped the scales from his eyes?
The next two weeks will be really interesting.
We will be watching.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ethics Session Begins

The special session of the legislature for ethics reform began at 6:30 Sunday with an address from the governor. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this. Already resistance is growing to several of the proposals. Judges are not happy at being included, nor are local officials. Look for a lot of lobbying to take place from these groups.
Ethics legislation without strong penalties and enforcement is also a fear. Jindal didn't exactly reassure people on this score as he planned to pay a $2,500 fine out of his campaign funds, in direct contradiction to his advisory panel on ethics, which had proposed that fines not be paid by campaigns. In his initial proposal, he did not include this provision, but after pressure mounted, added it.
I say it's all smoke and mirrors, but only time will tell.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Officer Miller identifies Hardman: Police recall warrant

Shreveport police have recalled a warrant against a man accused of shooting at one of their officers and another in Bossier City. Montrell Hardman no longer is a suspect in a shooting reported last week that shattered the driver’s side window in Shreveport police Cpl. Darrell Miller’s personal vehicle. “We want to be sure that we don’t charge anyone with such a serious crime unless our investigation proves that person is responsible,” police Chief Henry Whitehorn said in a prepared statement.
Miller identified Hardman in a line up as the man who shot at him after Bossier City police arrested him for firing on one of their officers, police spokeswoman Kacee Hargrave said. He was charged with attempted first-degree murder. Hardman turned himself in to Bossier City police Feb. 2 in connection to a shooting in Bossier City. He faces one count of attempted first-degree murder there, and bond is set at $1 million.
The Times

What am I missing here? Cpl Miller identified Hardman in a lineup and the Police Department recalls the warrant charging him with the shooting.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mayor Outraged at Madjerick Shooter's Low Bond

Mayor Cedric Glover tonight released a prepared statement on the bond set for a local man accused of shooting a Shreveport police officer in the face.

Bond on an attempted first-degree murder charge against Shreveporter Lucien Trammell was set Monday at $250,184. He is being held without bond on one count of being a felon in possession of a weapon. He is being held at Caddo Correctional Center.

“It goes without saying that I am outraged that bond for Lucien Trammell has been set at such a ridiculously low amount, given the gravity and severity of the charge of attempted first degree murder of a police officer,” Glover said.

“It is imperative that law enforcement, the prosecution and the judiciary work hand in hand to insure that this message is sent loud and clear to those who choose to engage in criminal activity. Mr Trammell is charged with a very heinous offense and this bond, in my opinion, is in no way reflective of the charge and would have, but for intervention of federal authorities permitted him to possibly be released from jail after posting a nominal bail. This sends entirely the wrong message.”

Trammell, 25, appeared today in federal court on the possession charge in connection with his involvement in wounding Officer John Madjerick. The 23-year-old was shot in the face Jan. 29. He was released Sunday from LSU Hospital.

The Times

The bond was set by Judge Ramona Emanuel. A Bossier District Judge set the bond for Montrell Hardman, who shot at a Bossier City Police Officer Thursday but missed him, at $1,000,000.
I guess the lesson here is that if you succeed in shooting an officer, your bond will be $750,000 lower than if you miss him, or that a Police Officer's life in Bossier Parish is considered to be worth four times more than in Caddo Parish.
Go figure.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hardman Surrenders to Bossier City Police

Montrell Hardman, 22, the suspect in Tuesday’s shooting at an off-duty Shreveport police officer and Saturday’s shooting involving a Bossier City officer, has surrendered to Bossier City police.Neither officer was injured.
Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale said Hardman turned himself in at about 12:45 p.m.

The Times

Sunday, February 3, 2008

$5,000 Reward for Montrell Hardman


The Bossier Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 39 and the Bossier City Police Officers Association are offering a reward of $5000 to anyone who can help police locate the man police believe shot at a Bossier City and Shreveport police officers.

Montrell Sergio Hardman, 22, is believed to have shot at a Bossier City police officer Saturday and an off-duty Shreveport police officer that was on his way home from work Thursday.

Attempted Murder on Bossier City Police Officer

"Armed and Dangerous" are the words used by Bossier City Police to describe Montrell Hardman of Shreveport after he attempted to kill a Bossier City Police officer last night. The officer had attempted a traffic stop on Hardman, who wrecked his car into a parked SUV. Hardman shot at the officer and then fled on foot.

Hardman is a black male, 5 feet 10 inches tall weighing 200 pounds.

It has been a violent week in Shreveport/Bossier City.

This is the third attempted shooting of a police officer in the last week. On Tuesday, Officer John Madjerick was shot in the face while attempting to question a burglary suspect in Southwest Shreveport. He is recovering from surgery at LSU Medical Center.

On Thursday, a Shreveport Police officer was shot at just after leaving the police station in his personal SUV. His assailants were driving a gray Chevy Caprice. The bullet went through the window and barely missed him.

Just to add to the mix, a six year old in South Shreveport was shot as he walked into his house with his mother. A stray bullet from a gunfight that was going on in the neighborhood hit the child in the buttocks.

What is the common denominator in all these shootings? Young black males with guns, probably on drugs, probably in gangs. (If you think that is a racist statement, then you're an idiot and probably shouldn't be reading this.)

What is the answer? A crackdown on gangs like we have never seen. Make sure that the police are funded and have every resource that they need to infiltrate and combat these criminal organizations and put these useless punks away for long periods of time.
It is time for everyone to be heard. Write a blog, write a letter, make a phone call. City leaders are politicians and will respond to public pressure.

This has to stop.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Help for Madjerick Family Expenses

An account has been set up to help with medical expenses for the Shreveport police officer shot Tuesday. Many people, both inside and outside the department, have wanted to know how they can help John Madjerick and his family, said Kacee Hargravee, Shreveport Police Department spokesman. Madjerick was shot in the jaw while questioning someone about burglaries. An account has been set up at Capital One to help the family cover expenses.Monetary donations may be made at any Capital One location in the name of the John Madjerick Donation Account.

From The Times

Coulter will Campaign for Hillary if McCain is nominated

This is too good to pass up; I thought everyone would enjoy this. Ann Coulter gave Sean Hannity the shock of his life last night when she said she would not only vote for Hillary over John McCain, but would actively campaign for her.

H/T Your Right Hand Thief