Sunday, March 29, 2009

High Heel attack at Coke-O-Pelli's

Not the first time we've mentioned Kokopelli's.
Mary Barr, 26, was charged with aggravated battery after a fight outside Kokopelli’s in downtown Shreveport.
Barr allegedly was involved in a fight at the club, then got into another fight outside after being told to leave the club, according to a police report on the incident.
During the second fight, Barr allegedly pulled off one of her high heels and hit another person in the head, the report said.
The Times

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bossier Superintendent Search: Is the fix already in?

The Bossier Parish School Board has launched its search for a new superintendent – or has it?
A committee has been formed and an ad is running in the Bossier Press Tribune. Applications will be accepted until April 30th.
The formalities are being pursued, but I’m not sure that a new superintendent is.
Several members have expressed their preference for the ‘same old, same old’ in the person of Assistant Superintendent D. C Machen.
Is the search genuine or is the fix already in for Machen?
I suspect the latter.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Will Schuyler Marvin recuse his office from prosecution of Pilkinton?

The Inquisitor ran an article last week about the murder case of Charles R. Pilkinton and the fact that Pilkinton's son-in-law and a couple of businesses in which he is an officer had contributed to Schuyler Marvin's 'war chest'.
This is true, although there is no evidence that it has affected Marvin's ability to prosecute the case; he has charged Pilkinton with 2nd Degree Murder, which carries a life penalty.
Courthouse gossip has it that if Marvin believes that there is a perception of impropriety, he will turn the case over to the State Attorney General.
What really stood out about the Inquisitor article was the fact that Appeals Judge Henry Brown had testified at the bond hearing on behalf of Pilkinton, who is an old friend and fraternity brother. While this may not be improper, it is highly unusual and seems irregular.
In addition, it was shocking to find out that Pilkinton, a great friend of Judge Brown, had served on the James Monds jury back in the 80's when Brown was DA and was prosecuting the murder case. It is suprising that John Milkovich did not catch this at the time and challenge it.
Monds, a Barksdale airman, was released after serving 8 years in prison, thanks to Milkovich's efforts.
Personally, I have confidence that the DA will do the right thing, either in fully prosecuting the case or in recusing himself.
We'll support him in whichever option he follows.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Motorist harassing cyclists with paintball gun

Reprinted from the Norla Blog:

I wanted to inform everyone to be on the lookout for either a Chevy or Ford dark colored two tone truck with a lift kit on it. It has either a primer or light colored tailgate. It is lifted pretty high and we believe it is in that area frequently.
I was heading south on Ellerbe Rd between Robinson RD and Tim Fitzgerald’s house around 12:30 this Saturday. The truck was heading north on Ellerbe Rd and shot me with a paintball gun close range. I didn’t see it coming they didn’t slow down or swerve at me, it caught me off guard because I have been hit with items several times and normally see it when it happens. They shot me as they passed me head on and it hit me directly in the thigh.
I had two people try and chase them down but by the time they stopped and asked what happened and the gap between passing cars they couldn’t locate them. I have a feeling this might happen again so I want to warn everyone who rides. I called the police and the sheriff’s department is looking for the vehicle and there is a police report on file. I couldn’t get a license plate number because I had to stop and turn around going downhill to try to get it. I will say I am ok and I didn’t crash but I am extremely lucky also. I had moved over a little to dodge some rocks on the road. When they shot me it moved me and the bike over on the road and hurt like hell. If it would have hit me above the shoulders it would have been bad. I had Tim Fitzgeralds brother and a lady with her two daughters stop and help me. Tim’s brother called him and Tim showed up immediately to help out along with a couple who I can’t remember their names, sorry they where Doctors. Please keep a lookout for this vehicle, if you see it please take down the license plate number. I would love to press charges on the people who did this. Thanks Tim and company for helping me out.
Jason Ham jsnham@yahoo. comjsnham@gmail. com318-780-5443

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poisonous Politics of Bossier Parish

Feelings from the Judge's race last October are still simmering in Bossier Parish. I've been ignoring this for a couple of months, hoping that it would improve.
It hasn't.
My catalyst to finally say something was the Times article the other day and then Marty Carlson's article in The Forum today. Both were about a series of anonymous letters about Patrick Jackson to his family, his church and even his kid's schools. The letters make some unsubstantiated claims and some outright false claims about Jackson.
Although a lot of people (myself included) expressed some doubts about the ethics of Jackson acting as the attorney for both the School Board and for contractors working for the Board, it appears that the letters originated during the Judge's election, when Jackson supported Mike Craig over Judge Burchett.
I supported Judge Burchett in the election and have no apologies for that.
I do feel that both Judge Burchett and Judge Craig are honorable people who got caught up in a very nasty election.
Mike Craig won and is serving as judge. It is time to move on and remember that our public officials are elected to serve the people, not their own egos and those of their supporters.
Both sides need to reach out and put an end to the animosity that is continuing.
As for the anonymous letters, I consider them to be a despicable act of someone who has no purpose but to stir up trouble and to poison the atmosphere.
If you have something to say to Mr. Jackson, call him and tell him - and please, man up and identify yourself when you do so.
And leave his children out of it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kruithof named Superintendent at Calvary

Ken Kruithof, retiring superintendent of Bossier Parish Public Schools, has been chosen to be superintendent of Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport.
“Everything rises and falls on leadership, and I think today we have one of the greatest leaders in the state of Louisiana,” said Rick Edmonds, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church.
Edmonds held a press conference announcing the news Monday in the sanctuary of Calvary Baptist Church. Flanked by members of the faculty, including Rhonda Honea, the academy’s principal, and Johnny Booty, the academy’s athletic director, Kruithof said he was honored to join the school.
“The thing I’ve missed since going to the central office (in Bossier) in 1991 was being around kids ... The thing that really intrigued me about this is the opportunity to be around kids again,” Kruithof said.
Complete article in The Times