Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bossier Church Shooting: Allan Haltom also faced criminal charges

Allan Corby Haltom, who police believe shot his wife Angela on the parking lot at First Baptist Church in Bossier yesterday, was under a restraining order that had just been re-issued yesterday morning.
He also was facing criminal charges from an incident that occurred in June.
On June 5th, according to filings in the Bossier Clerk of Court’s office, Haltom told his estranged wife that she could bring the children and get some personal items and that he would not be at the house.
When they entered the house, he was hidden in an armoire and came out with a pistol in his hand. When Angela Haltom ran down the hall, he told her ‘it’s not for you’. He then allowed the young people to leave the house.
Police were called and he came out of the house without incident.
After the incident, it was discovered that he had dead-bolted the doors to the house and had unplugged the garage door opener. He also had left some savings bonds and a note outside for his mother, stating that he was sorry for what he was going to do to himself and Angela.
Within the next 4 days, Angela filed for divorce and for a protective order, which is a civil proceeding. That order was issued on June 9th, and on that same day Allan Haltom was charged with one count of kidnapping and with four counts of aggravated assault. Bond was set at $75,000 on the kidnapping charge and at $20,000 on each charge of aggravated assault, for a total of $155,000. His attorney immediately filed for bond reduction, noting that he was well settled in the area, retired after 20 years of military sevice and had no criminal history.
Judge Bolin signed an order reducing bond to $2,500 for each charge of aggravated assault and $10,000 for kidnapping, for a total of $20,000.
The order reducing bond also required that Haltom check into VA hospital and not leave until a Doctor opined that he was not a threat to himself or others, and that he continue with follow-up care and enroll with the Sheriff’s Probation Department so his progress could be monitored. I was unable to find out how long he stayed in the hospital or if he had followed up.
Angela Haltom was back in court yesterday morning with an application to have the protective order re-issued, as it was set to expire. The court approved it.
That all led up to the events yesterday afternoon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BCPD charges ten year old with rape

Bossier City Police have charged a 10 year old boy with the forcible rape of an 11 year old girl.  The incident took place on the grounds of Bossier Elementary School on August 11th while school was not in session.
Complete story at KSLA

Monday, August 29, 2011

What is a coach’s responsibility to his players at a Middle School level?

I received this letter a couple of days ago.  Ordinarily I wouldn't print anything without identifying the person who wrote it, but in this case I think the reason is pretty obvious.  I even deleted the name of the school, but will tell you that it is a Bossier Parish school. 
What is a coach’s responsibility to his players at a Middle School level?
We are new to Louisiana and to Middle School. This is my son’s first year playing football for this school and we were warned that this was “football Country” out here and football, even at a Middle School level, was political and fueled by favoritism. We had heard great things out this school and weren’t too worried about the rumors; after all it is Middle School right? These are young boys in early adolescence, not quite true athletes yet- but wanting to be. Waiting to be mentored and molded. Coached and validated. Waiting to grow into upper division athletes, all while dealing with hormones, puberty, pimples and the myriad of other Middle School things to worry about, all the while looking up to their coach as their hero, their demi-god while on the field.
During football season these boys spend more time with their coach on the field than they do with their own families during the week, and that affects them. The coaches become important to them. So then what is the coaches outlook when they have 50 plus young boys all looking to them for so many things during this overwhelming and confusing times in their lives? Do the coaches look through these boys not seeing the individual young men they are, and only seeing if they are played will they win? Do they not see them as young men needing to be taught, mentored, molded, encouraged to be the best they can be? Or are they just numbers on a playbook.
Do the coaches just want to win at any cost, and ignoring and forgetting some kids on the team is the price they are willing to pay? Is winning so important now that coaches have forgotten how incredibly important their jobs are at this crucial time in a young boys life. That they are there to TEACH young men how to become athletes, to foster each child’s individual talent, and encourage and teach new skills, as after all, they are teachers – right?
We had an incident at our Middle School Game last night. It was just a scrimmage game mind you – a scrimmage – and the coach chose to not play the entire team.
It was a scrimmage.
A game atmosphere in the stadium.
A great opportunity as a coach to play each player and see what they can bring to the table. An opportunity of a measuring tool for himself to see what each kid has. How they handle playing in a game situation. If the child should be used in a certain position? And above all, where he needs to work more with each kid.
They are children, remember – not just numbers. Simple, right – perfect opportunity to be fair, play everyone, to evaluate each child and let them experience play time and show the coach their stuff, especially since the score doesn’t even count.
It’s just a scrimmage after all, right?
I mean we are here for the kids, right? We are fostering their desire and optimism to play a sport they are so passionate about, and have paid their dues training for 2 hours a night in the heat, going to bed late because they have to stay up and finish homework. Well, that is not what happened at our school. Apparently we were proved wrong in not believing the rumors about politic and favoritism at this level.
The coach chose to not play all of the kids. This is Middle School – not Jr. – Sr. High school ball. This is Middle School where are boys are just learning to become men, to become athletes, to become themselves! The coach chose to not play every child that was new. Really? Ten young men who were new to the school or to the team were intentionally not played in a “scrimmage” game, their first game (that did not count).
What message is the coach sending to these young boys? “You are not good enough – not even to play in a scrimmage game” – WOW!!
To be betrayed by a coach that way – at this level – at a scrimmage game that every one knows, means NOTHING to the stats…. Was that really the best message to send to our children?
Was it because they were new?
Because you haven’t played with me since “Dixie League” you need to pay your dues?
Politics? Well, if so, shame on him. Then you are not a coach – you are a puppet and you should be removed from your position, because this is not just football you are teaching our kids here. Your position is so much more important. I am not a whining mommy who is throwing a fit just because my kid didn’t play… None of the new kids played. That is odd and it speaks volumes about what is really going on in our schools athletic system.
When my son walked out to the car, the light had gone out behind his eyes. He looked devastated and was just shaking his head like he didn’t understand what happened.
The only thing he said on the way home is “I am so embarrassed to go to school tomorrow”. Being a new kid is tough enough, throw in the atmosphere the school has created and allowed behind Football Rules the School and add the coaches decision to not play the new kids… what do you have?
What you have is someone out to win at any cost, even if it IS our children. 
Shame on you ****** Middle School Coaches!! Perhaps the reason you lost the scrimmage last night is BECAUSE you didn’t play one of those kids. You never know, THEY could have made the difference in that game. What I do know is YOU could have made a difference to them!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gardens of Southgate HOA surrenders

All of the news outlets are reporting that a settlement has been reached in the Corey Burr sign dispute. The Gardens of Southgate HOA is dropping their lawsuit and the Burrs get to keep their sign until Corey returns home.  I love a good compromise.
Why the HOA wouldn’t bend a little on this is still puzzling to me.
Congratulations to the Burrs and their supporters.
And so it goes in Shreveport

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bossier City Building Maintenance Part I

KTBS has a good story up on the Bossier City Building maintenance brouhaha. In case you are not familiar with it, according to the article “Discrepancies have surfaced of three employees not being paid tens of thousands of dollars worth of overtime. Building maintenance director Charles DuBois has resigned and the city has agreed to pay the employees.”
That is bad enough in itself, but it appears to just be sympomatic of an endemic problem in the department. The City website describes the department thusly:
Department of Building Maintenance
This department is responsible for, but not limited to, in-house repair, renovation and maintenance of city owned buildings and other approved facilities. DBM also does the grounds keeping for the Municipal Complex and Civic Center.
This department employs electricians, heating and air conditioning technicians, carpenters, maintenance mechanics, laborers, locksmiths, and clerical personnel to meet the City's needs.
Yet despite having 6 full time employees and a budget of 1.8 million dollars, the city has already spend $200,000 this year on outside contractors.
District 3 councilman Don Williams has proposed that the city consider privatizing the entire department.
The mayor said that it is ‘too early’ to comment and that this would have to be covered in the budget talks this fall.
I contacted Councilman Williams and asked him just two questions:
1. Do you think the council will get behind you on this proposal?
2. In addition to increasing efficiency, do you think that the city would save money through privatization?
This was his response:
“I really believe this will get some traction by the council. I will start talking to other council members about going ahead and sending out RFP's so we can have an idea of contractor cost before the budget starts and then we can make an informed decision. I think we could definitely save anywhere from $500,000 to 1 million dollars a year. I have some ideas already on how to approach this situation.
I know the average person changes light bulbs in their house, unplugs toilets, fixes leaking faucets or changes toilets seats. I know I do everything I can to save a buck. This was the kind of stuff the city was paying contractors to do. As you can see I truly believe what I'm doing is the right thing. Not saying it will happen because I'm still looking into it and will do what's best for the city, but I will guarantee there will be changes in that department.
Really, if the Mayor would pull his head out of the sand and look at what is going on and take care of business, things like this would not occur.”
You will notice that I titled this ‘Part I’. The reason for that is simple; as this develops, for every question answered five more pop up. I am planning to look deep into the background of this situation and see how it was allowed to develop to the point that it has.
I’ll have more soon.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Remembering Danielle

A candlelight vigil was held last week for Danielle Cox, a Parkway student who killed herself in May.
Danielle had diabetes and suffered from depression.
Earlier this year, when she was going through a problem with the depression, she sent a text message to a friend saying that she was going to hurt herself. The friend posted her number on Facebook, asking people to encourage her.
One male Parkway student sent her about 150 messages encouraging her to do it.
Danielle’s stepdad, John Morton, said “We didn't realize the impact, at all, that this had done, she thought that so many people did not like her because of the actions of that boy”.
On May 20th, Danielle committed suicide. She was 15 years old.
There are so many lessons here. First, of course, is that there always is hope. Second, our actions do have consequences. If someone is reaching out for help, don’t treat it lightly. Finally, Facebook, Twitter and the other social media outlets are great – but they are not the place to take your problems.
Depression and bullying are a deadly combination.
That’s why John & Jessica Morton have started a Facebook page, Smiles for Danielle.
  • Smiles For Danielle is a group created in her memory. Our hope is through education and awareness, those who suffer from mental illness will no longer see suicide as a viable solution. Welcome to this group, we look forward to doing great things and thank you for your support.
If you are on Facebook, join the group and keep up with their efforts to help other kids and families.
The Bossier Press Tribune had a story on Danielle last week, here is the link.

Christmas 2010
John and Jessica Morton with Danielle, Jake and Emilie

About the Video
The last photo we have of Danielle is a photo she took of herself holding a paper smile in front of her tear stained face....hence the group's name Smiles for Danielle. This video contains many of the smiles photos that were created in her memory in response to her death.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wasting away in Margaritaville

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board has approved moving the Grand Palais Riverboat to Bossier City from Lake Charles to become the Margaritaville Casino.
The Police Jury will now get it on the ballot for Bossier City voters in the elections this fall.  If approved, Bossier City will have another casino.
Jimmy Buffett's website

Friday, August 12, 2011

Guest Post: Parker Ward on the Republican Debate

Last night the major presidential candidates for the GOP debated in Iowa. I have to say I am shocked at the outcome.

Newt Gingrich- Came off as strong by not answering the 'gotcha' questions. He stood up on his record and seemed to be a strong candidate last night. His performance was good. I think the average GOP voter was satisfied with his answers.
Jon Huntsman- RINO! He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His answers were not insightful and I was really turned off by his answer about the Chinese.
Tim Pawlenty- Tpaw came off as weak last night. He had a funny one-liner when he was asked about “I will come to your house and cook you dinner, or I will mow your yard….only one acre for Mitt” and attacking Michele Bachmann. He is weak and a vanilla type of person. I believe last night was the final straw for the Pawlenty campaign.
Michele Bachmann- Bachmann seemed to lose some of her steam after the first tussle with Pawlenty. I was dissatisfied with her performance and seemed to lose interest because she lost her fire. I was shocked; her performance was not as good this time as it was in the CNN debate. I was really sad to see that.
Mitt Romney- Mitt seemed to come off as usual. He really did not take any swings at any of the other candidates. All of his swings were for Obama. It was funny when Pawlenty went after Obamney Care and Mitt said “I liked his first answer better.”
Ron Paul- OMGOSH! He got on my last nerve. He rambled about his disillusion of the Constitution. He is a 2-issue candidate pull the troops and audit the fed. Every time he came on the TV, I cringed and wanted to turn the TV to mute. He rambled about every question. He came off as a liberal last night. He should be on the Democrat stage.
Herman Cain- Insightful as always but he is playing down his anti-Muslim views now. He is losing his Tea Party support because of that. I believe his performance in the first Fox News debate was better. His campaign will lose some steam after last night’s debate.
Rick Santorum- Rick came off strong last night. He has really energized the base of the party, Social Conservatives. He took real social conservative stances. He came off last night as insightful and strong. I believe after last night’s debate that his campaign will go on to be in the top four candidates.

The winners were Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.
After last night, I have changed my support from Bachmann to Santorum. I am a hard-core social conservative and so it Rick Santorum. Last night was a game changer in the GOP 2012 Race for President.
It’s really starting to get interesting.
I predict that:
Pawlenty, Huntsman, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich will be one of the first to drop out of the race.
LET NOT FORGET RICK PERRY! He is jumping in Saturday.

As a high school senior, Parker Ward was a candidate for Shreveport Mayor in 2010.  He is very actively involved in politics and in his church.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did Adley and Marvin cut a deal to get Richey Jackson out of the State Senate race?

Richey Jackson sent an email to Lou Burnett at Fax-Net Daily on Monday telling him that he had decided not to run for the State Senate District 36 seat against Robert Adley.
Jackson was due to host a fundraiser last night, and as of early afternoon a number of people who had been invited had not been notified that he was not running.
What happened?
My sources tell me that Schuyler Marvin had a meeting with Jackson (his employee), and encouraged him to drop out of the running because he couldn’t raise enough money to take on the incumbent.
(This is a little strange, considering that a 19 year old college student, Tyler Nezat, ran against Adley last time, didn’t campaign, didn’t raise a penny, and got 27% of the vote).
What really happened?
Consider some background. For the last year or two there has been a move to split the 26th JDC, which is comprised of Bossier & Webster Parishes, into two separate judicial districts. Adley has been the point man for the split in Baton Rouge.
DA Marvin, who lives in Webster Parish, has been strongly opposed. The logical outcome of such a split would be that Marvin would be left as the DA in Webster Parish, and Bossier would elect someone new. Marvin would lose the bigger part of his current constituency.
Of course, this is conjecture on my part. Did Marvin and Adley cut a deal for Jackson to drop out, and in return for Adley to drop his efforts to split the 26th?
Will Adley continue his efforts to split the 26th or will he quietly drop them? As I said, this is only conjecture, but the proof will be in the pudding.
Hide and watch.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eternal Father

Shreveport Natives Rob Reeves and Jonas Kelsall were among the 22 Navy Seals who died when the helicopter in which they were riding was shot down in Afghanistan.
Words can’t express our sorrow for their families.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dead Dog and Animal Porn

You can't make this stuff up.
You think Bossier Parish politics are interesting? Look at Rapides Parish, where a former sheriff’s detective has accused the current sheriff of covering up the killing of a dog by a friend.
He sent a tape of the incident to PETA, which of course asked for an investigation.
The plot thickens. The deputy’s wife, who works for the Rapides Clerk of Court, was accused of stealing a dog from the sheriff’s house and a pot bellied pig from one of the sheriff’s neighbors. The deputy husband was fired for sending a copy of the investigation to a lawyer.
A spokesman for the sheriff says that when investigators were checking the deputy’s work computer for information about sending the copy to the lawyer, they found animal porn and hard core people porn that had been downloaded.
And yes, they are involved in an election.
And yes, the former deputy is supporting the sheriff’s opponent.
Read the Town Talk story here.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Endorsement: Duke Lowrie for State Representative

Michael "Duke" Lowrie is a retired Bossier City Firefighter, who retired with the rank of Captain. He and his wife Kara own Acadiana Mortgage.
Duke has been a public servant in the best sense of the word, and I believe that he will represent District 8 in the State House of Representatives well.
Duke’s opponent paints himself a businessman, but the only business I can find that he is involved with is his own law firm. In addition to Acadiana Mortgage, Duke also raises crawfish in North Bossier Parish.
Bossier needs someone to represent the interests and beliefs of the people, and Duke reflects those views and will not back down to special interests once elected.
He hasn’t been anointed by the powers that be in the parish and the city, but the only votes that count are those of all the people.
I believe that Duke Lowrie will receive those votes.
For more information about Duke, check out his website.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Elections 2011: Endorsements

I'm going to go ahead in the next few days and put in my 2 cents worth about a couple of the local races.
I was going to wait until qualifying in September, but there are 2 or 3 candidates that I have decided to support, so I'll do the first one this weekend.
This doesn't mean that I won't publish anything that their opponent desires to put on My Bossier.  I made the promise that anyone running for office can email me information and I will be glad to publish it.  That offer stands.
I know I don't have to encourage you all to comment on my choices; the readers of My Bossier are prolific commenters.
I'll go further than that.  If any of you feel strongly against my choices, and want to write an endorsement for your guy, I will publish it.
Of course, you will have to be willing to put your name to it.
A couple of these races are going to get pretty nasty, so batten down the hatches and get ready for a ride!

Major power outage in Benton

Due to a fire at a substation on Linton Cutoff Road, 1,900 Benton households will have no power for the next 24 hours.  The news account on KSLA says that flames shot as high as 60 to 80 feet in the air.
This is much more than an inconvenience, but is a dangerous situation with the area under an excessive heat warning.  Temperatures today are supposed to hit 109 degrees, with the 100 degree + days continuing all week.



Hi 109 °F

Partly Cloudy
Lo 82 °F

Slight Chance Thunderstorms Chance for Measurable Precipitation 20%
Slight Chc
Hi 107 °F

Slight Chance Thunderstorms Chance for Measurable Precipitation 20%
Slight Chc
Lo 79 °F


Hi 106 °F