Monday, October 27, 2014

Unfortunate Incident with SPD Upsets Household

I'm linking to the full account of this so you can get it from the original source. Suffice it to say that the people involved are upstanding, law abiding citizens (a teacher and a retired BCPD Lieutenant) who were doing nothing but sitting in their living room watching the World Series.
Here's the story:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bossier election 2014 - Where's the Money?

Candidates have filed the reports that are required 30 days before election by the Louisiana Ethics Board disclosing contributions and disbursements.
I checked out the ones affecting Bossier's two big races, for DA and for City Marshal.
As expected, incumbent Schuyler Marvin has a huge financial advantage over Whit Graves. Schuyler went into the election with a hefty war chest of $282,396.87. He has received contributions of $166,665.27 and has spent $189,397.60, leaving $250,837.70 on hand.
During the reporting period Whit has $28,454.63 in contributions, has loaned himself $15,000, and has disbursements of $16,152.77, leaving $24,747.23 on hand.
In the race for City Marshal, Jim Whitman has collected $107,105.97 in contributions plus a $6,950 loan to himself. His disbursements are $77,654.95 leaving $25,710.05 on hand.
Since the incumbent, Lynn Austin, is not running, Whitman is the de-facto incumbent. He works for the Marshal and has his endorsement. During the special election to replace Johnny Wyatt, at this point in the race Austin had $90,800 in contributions compared to Whitman's $107,105.97. Equally interesting is the fact that Carl Wayne Richard, in that election at the 30 day out point, had only $7,700. This time around at the same point he has contributions of $36,431.79 along with a $23,000 loan. He has disbursements of $41,686.40, leaving him with a total of $18,173.51.
In the 2011 election, Lynn Austin won outright with 54% of the vote. Carl Richard had 30% and Sam Wyatt 16%. Lynn Austin is a former police chief and city CAO. Jim Whitman is an employee of the Marshal's office and doesn't have the high profile that Austin enjoyed. This race is also much more financially balanced between the two candidates.
I won't make a prediction, but I do believe that it is a squeaker.