Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Graves vs Marvin: I'm looking forward to the debates!

Although DA Schuyler Marvin had a free ride 6 years ago, this time he has an opponent. Whit Graves announced today that he will take on the incumbent in the November election, assuming Schuyler does decide to run again. I haven't heard yea or nay.
Coincidentally, the news cycle today also had the story that the DA has decided to press for the death penalty in the case of Brandon Butler, who is accused of killing the two young ladies in Bossier City on Mother's Day. Sure, he's had a couple of months to make the decision, and like I said, I'm sure it's pure coincidence that he decided to do so on the day that Graves announced.
Meanwhile the judges' races are unchanged, with Jeff Thompson announcing for a seat and Charles Jacobs for a seat. Sections B & D will be open, and I can't remember which is running for which.
I am hearing, however, that Jacobs may have a very solid opponent. With the DA too busy on his own race, that might cause difficulty for Jacobs, who is counting on the DA's clout to get him in office.
The Bossier City Marshal's race is heating up. I'm hoping that the Bossier Republican Women will have a forum/debate/question and answer period with the candidates like they did in the Marshal's election when Lynn Austin was elected.
It would be nice if they included the other candidates also, Marvin, Graves and the candidates for judge.
Pop your popcorn and get ready, it's gonna be an interesting three months ahead.
Me, I'm gonna hide and watch.