Monday, June 23, 2014

Fall Elections

Some interesting elections are coming up this fall. Two 26th JDC (Bossier-Webster) judges, John Robinson and Ford Stinson, are retiring and those seats will have to be filled.
Of course, they are all up for re-election. Names are being tossed around, State Representative Jeff Thompson is said to be considering a run for one of the seats. I believe he would make a good judge.
Assistant DA Charles Jacobs is also running. I got a good chuckle at a couple of pictures of him presenting forfeiture checks to the Sheriff and to BCPD. When Schuyler anoints someone to run for judge, he always sends them out to pass out these checks and get a little free publicity. Mike Nerren was doing the same thing when he was running against Whit Graves.
And no, it doesn't upset me, it's not an egregious abuse. In fact, it is so blatant that it borders on being comical. It's as if Schuyler is having one of those 'see what I did there' moments.
Speaking of the District Attorney, I'm also hearing that he will have an opponent this fall. Qualifying is in August, we'll see if that bears out.