Support Shreveport Police Cpl. Bryan Lauzon

On December 15th, Shreveport Police Cpl. Bryan Lauzon was working private security at an apartment complex. He stopped 44 year old Michael Gilyard, who was riding a bicycle on a sidewalk near an area of the complex where there had been complaints of drug activity.
As he was questioning Gilyard, he found a concealed handgun. He managed to disarm Gilyard, who then went for Lauzon’s service weapon.... A scuffle ensued and Gilyard was shot and killed.
Gilyard, a convicted felon, had marijuana, crack cocaine, and several thousand dollars on him, as well as the weapon.
After an investigation, Caddo Parish DA Charles Rex Scott cleared Lauzon of any wrongdoing.
"All the evidence clearly shows no wrongdoing in the actions of Officer Lauzon, either during the initial stop of Michael Gilyard or the subsequent altercation, which resulted in the shooting," said Scott.
Now the NAACP, after talking to the family, is second guessing the DA and calling for a review of the decision.
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