Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two Caddo ADA's resign

Looks like a political staredown in Caddo Parish between Sheriff Steve Prator and DA Charles Rex Scott ended today when Scott blinked.
Top prosecutors Hugo Holland and Lea Hall have apparently resigned in lieu of being fired over the acquisition of surplus weapons. 
Both were accused of not being truthful on an application for the weapons, an application which Scott himself signed.
Wonder where two seasoned prosecutors could find a job in the area? 
Hey Schuyler . . . . 
Story from KTBS

Monday, July 23, 2012

Poor Penn State

Sorry, I don't have a lot of sympathy. Joe Paterno's family issued yet another statement talking about how unfair it is that they took down his statue and are besmirching his "good" name.
For Pete's sake, he looked the other way as his top assistant raped young boys.
Actually, it wasn't the Paterno family personally who released the statement, it was their PR person acting on their behalf.
My best suggestion to them would be to follow in Jo Pa's steps. Call Graham Spanier and tell him how unfair it is, then forget about it.
And while I'm at it, I've seen a lot of comments about not punishing the students and players. So NOW it's about the kids? As a friend always says, C'mon Son!
I have shamelessly stolen Pat's idea of a featured blog in the top right column. This month's featured blog is Opinionated Catholic. Just click on the icon and it will take you there.
I would have chosen Pat's blog, but too soon, you know what I mean? I just stole the idea, I'll let her cool off before I put And So it Goes in Shreveport up there.

Friday, July 20, 2012

We need a Federal War on Guns

I'm seeing a lot this morning about outlawing guns. Not a new mantra, but picking up steam after the tragic shootings in Colorado. New York's Mayor Bloomberg is calling on the presidential candidates to take a strong stand.
Of course, Bloomberg likes to regulate the size of your colas, so limiting firearms is no big thing to him.
I think the federal government should declare a 'War on Guns' and put it under the auspices of the 'War on Drugs'. The Drug Czar could also become the Gun Czar.
That should ensure a plentiful supply of weapons for many years to come.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bossier City Scumbag rapes one-year old boy

Zachery Keith Jordan of 321 Berry Street in Bossier City was arrested for raping a one-year old boy. Berry and ‘others’ were supposedly babysitting the child Saturday night.
The boy’s mother took him to WK South on Sunday and detectives were called.
Jordan was arrested in June on a charge of simple possession of marijuana, along with three other people who all gave the Berry Street address as their own. Arraignment on that charge was set for August 29th.
Jordan is in Bossier Max.
SCUMBAG Zachery Keith Jordan

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Charles E. Roemer II

Charles E. Roemer II of Bossier City passed away on Saturday, July 7th, 2012. Mr. Roemer is survived by his wife of 70 years, five children, seventeen grandchildren and thirty-six great-grandchildren.
Mr. Roemer was known for being an advocate of black civil rights in a time when that was not only unpopular, but dangerous. 
He served as campaign manager for Edwin Edwards in his first run for governor in 1971, and is credited with getting Edwards elected by what turned out to be a margin of one vote per precinct. At the time, Edwards and Bennett Johnston were considered to be the reform candidates in the field of seventeen, which included former governor Jimmie Davis.
His innovative Data Systems at Scopena Plantation put him on the cutting edge of technology at the time.
He was the father of former Governor and presidential candidate Buddy Roemer, the grandfather of BESE Board member Chas Roemer, and the father-in-law of 2010 U. S. House candidate and Methodist minister David Melville.
Mr. Roemer served Edwards as Commissioner of Administration during his first two terms, and helped shape Louisiana politics during the last third of the twentieth century.
One of the first actions of Governor Edwards was to call a Constitutional Convention, to which Buddy Roemer was elected as a delegate. That convention established the BESE Board on which Chas Roemer now serves.
Mr. Roemer will be missed by his large and productive family and by a large number of friends.
These few words don't begin to do credit to his memory, but you can get a little more by reading his obituary.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Odds and Ends

I’ve been a little slow on blogging this week, just enjoying a mid-week holiday. Here’s a little catch up.
-Congratulations to Pat on her first grandchild, a boy, born on the Fourth of July!
-On Forward Now! There are still some of us around who remember the shock waves from this corruption ridden murder-for-hire. Elliott Stonecipher recalls it from a very personal point of view and has some very interesting and provacative comments. Lessons from the Murder of Jim Leslie
-Attorney John Settle has asked the State Supreme Court to review the decision in the Bossier School Board case. Judge Jeff Cox ruled in favor of the School Board and the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld his ruling. The Supreme Court will decide whether to accept the appeal within 30 days.
-I’m still keeping an eye around the corner on the Bossier City elections next spring. From a blogging point of view, this holds a lot more interest than the national elections this fall. The city elections can hold some surprises, while the national election, in our part of the world, is a foregone conclusion.
It looks like restaurant owner Michael Beam is cooking up more than his daily specials. Barring unforeseen circumstances, he will be running for a council seat in South Bossier.