Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hollenshead endorses Gatti

Todd Hollenshead, who finished third in the State Senate District 36 primary with 26% of the vote, officially endorsed Ryan Gatti in the State Senate District 36 runoff to be held November 21st.  Gatti finished second in the October 24th primary with 34% of the vote.  

Todd Hollenshead Endorsement Statement:
"Today, I want to publicly endorse Ryan Gatti in the State Senate District 36 runoff on November 21st and I ask that you join me in supporting him to represent us all in Baton Rouge.
 During this election season at public forums and events, I have gotten to know him, and like me, I feel he has Louisiana's best interests in mind.  In Ryan, I see a person with the tenacity to do what is right for Northwest Louisiana.  He is a Christian, a dedicated husband, and devoted father. 
 Ryan and I both grew up working with our hands.  I went to work in the oilfield to pay my way through college.  He worked for his dad's salvage yard.  We both learned early on the value of a strong work ethic.
 We need fresh ideas and someone that won't be a "yes man" to anyone but the people he represents.  Career politicians helped Bobby Jindal make a mess of our state.  As I have said throughout this campaign, the definition of insanity is electing the same legislators over and over again and expecting different results.
 Lobbyists in Baton Rouge know that certain legislators will be a good return on their investment, which is why they keep flooding campaign accounts with PAC donations.
 We need someone like Ryan who will make things right again and represent the people of this district, not lobbyists and out-of-state special interests.  I am trusting now that Ryan will fight for our businesses and our families, make our teachers and children's education a top priority, protect our precious unborn and build a firewall around the Second Amendment. 
 I am asking that you also support him with your vote.  Join me and let's all work together to make sure we elect Ryan Gatti on November 21st."

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Edmiston, Sessions both win in landslides

Congratulations to Jill Sessions and Bobby Edmiston who won their races for Clerk of Court and Tax Assessor.
In other local races, Henry Burns and Ryan Gatti will face off in the general election for State Senate in District 36. Dodie Horton handily won her bid for Burns’ 9th Representative District seat.
For Police Jury District 4, Sonny Cook is the winner. Jack “Bump” Skaggs carried District 5 easily and Freddy Shewmake won Distric t 9.
In Statewide races, we’ll have a runoff for governor between John Bel Edwards and David Vitter. At this point, it appears the Lt. Governor race will be between Kip Holden and Billy Nungesser. Buddy Caldwell and Jeff Landry will be in a runoff for Attorney General.

Tom Schedler walked back into the Secretary of State’s office, as John Kennedy did for Treasurer, Mike Strain for Commissioner of Agriculture and Jim Donelon for Insurance Commissioner.

Election Day

Tonight after the LSU game the results should be coming in and I will post them.
We will know who is in the runoff for Governor.
We will know who will serve as Clerk of Court and Assessor.
Legislative races will be settled in most cases.
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