Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bossier Then and Now: Schools

Picture of School Class on Linton Road in Bossier Parish in the late 1880's. The teacher, Lucien Wallace, was educated at Mt Lebanon College, the forerunner to Louisiana College.
The student on the far left was his younger brother David Wallace, who went on to Mt Lebanon and became a vice-president of the T & P Railroad in Dallas.
The students were educated in basics - math, english, science, and the classics. Considering the times and resources, they turned out to be a pretty literate lot.
Fast forward to today. Schools in Louisiana are in a crisis. The dropout rate is staggering, and state and federal regulations have a stranglehold on the classroom.
In an article in Vote the Record it is pointed out that of scores in 30 developed nations in math, only four scored lower than the United States. Two scored equally and if my math is right, that means that 23 scored higher.
U S schools scored lower than the average in other subjects. Read the article; it is good food for thought.

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