Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bonnie and Clyde, May 23, 1934

I made this video 3 years ago and posted it. It was on May 23, 1934 that Bonnie and Clyde were killed over in Bienville Parish.


  1. Thanks, Jim. Pretty cool.

  2. My Dad was 14 and attended school in Gibsland. He told me that on this day, he flagged down the wrecker as it headed down past the school to retrieve the car after the ambush. He skipped school, rode the wrecker down, watched as they retrieved it, with the bodies still inside, and pulled the car to Arcadia. A photograph that was published in the Times the next day got him in trouble with my Grand Pop, as it showed him standing behind the car in Arcadia, when he was supposed to be in school. My Dad was Felix Coleman Jr. The monument marker is still in place on the highway south of Gibsland where the ambush happened.


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