Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

Celebrate the day. Give thanks for what our forefathers established for us in this country, and for the sacrifices made to keep it.
Listen to our official 'national march', The Stars and Stripes Forever, written by John Philip Sousa, who was appropriately enough the leader of the Marine Band.
He wrote the march in 1896 on Christmas day, on a ship headed back to the U.S. after a long European vacation. He said that he was homesick, and was thinking about the flag flying over the White House. 


  1. New song for this 4th of July. May God bless America!!!

  2. With all these cyber attacks I keep reading about I'm glad we have those people out there at the Cyber Innovation Center doing all those innovative things to protect us. Ok I can't even type this keeping a straight face.


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