Friday, August 8, 2014

Schuyler Marvin announces for Third Term

Schuyler Marvin made the formal announcement that he is seeking a third six-year term as Bossier-Webster DA. I don't think it was in doubt in any event.
The story of the announcement was on Channel 6, you can follow the link for details. Local attorney and former ADA Whit Graves announced last week.
Marvin Announcement


  1. Well atvleast he has guts. Larry Deen just retired instead of answering tough questions.

  2. Not true, Mcdonald scared him out of the race or so he says. lol

  3. I wonder when Marty Carlson will start using the Bossier Press to do the cheerleading for the good ole boys.

  4. how did that interview with the FBI go?


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