Friday, November 20, 2015

Election Day Predictions

My record at predicting is mixed at best, but here are my predictions for tomorrow. This is based strictly on my observations, not necessarily my preferences.

Governor - John Bel Edwards
Lt. Governor - Billy Nungesser
Attorney General - Buddy Caldwell
State Senate District 36 - Henry Burns

I'll post the results tomorrow night.


  1. 50 % aint bad. Gatti's late endorsement of Governor Edwards sealed the deal. Only 300 vote difference. Landry won by a landslide that should have been predicted.

  2. It's been 2 months since you posted on your blog. What happened? Are you so stunned by some of the election results you are still speechless?
    By the way Anonymous, "Gatti's late endorsement"? Ryan Gatti and Gov. Edwards have been friends since law school at LSU and he supported the new Gov. throughout the campaign. What tipped the election was Webster Parish going Gatti rather than Burns due to the open pit burn (Burns/Jindal) vs closed incinerator burn(Gatti et al) argument over the destruction of all that military fuel at Minden/Haughton.


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