Thursday, August 11, 2016

Honor Trey Hutchison

August 11, 2004 is a date that is etched in the annals of Bossier City history, and not for a good reason. On this date, BCPD Officer Trey Hutchison was murdered as he walked up to a house on a domestic call. It left a permanent scar on his family, his brothers in the department, and on the city.
I have a lot of memories that center around Highway 80 and East Texas Street, beginning with weekends in High School cruising through the KoKoMo on Saturday nights, 
The most lasting memory, and certainly the saddest, was standing on the street in front of the mall and watching the funeral procession of Trey Hutchison leave First Baptist Church and proceed to Hillcrest. I was only one of thousands who watched every officer of BCPD in their police cars as they followed their fallen brother to his final resting place.
A bridge in Bossier Parish is being named in honor of SPD Officer Thomas LaValley, a very fitting tribute. 
Why can't the same be done for one of Bossier's own?
Why can't East Texas Street from Benton Road to Hillcrest be renamed the Trey Hutchison Memorial Highway? That's just one idea, there are many possibilities. 
Politicians, make it happen.


  1. Good suggestion, Jim. Both fallen peace officers deserve to be honored in such a way.
    I detest naming of public buildings and roads after the typical parasitic politicians. These young officers are far more deserving.


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