Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Morning Update on Gustav

From The Daily Comet in Thibodaux:
Terrebonne, Lafourche Parishes could receive 25 to 30 foot storm surge
Fleeing Gustav: Thousands of locals take buses to safety

This Map from The Times shows local shelters with phone numbers.

From Channel 12, KSLA
Shreveport's 2-1-1 information center needs volunteers to help field phone calls. 2-1-1 is providing details to those who are seeking shelter, safe haven, and travel route information, and has been swamped with phone calls. 2-1-1 has a 24/7 operation, with six (6) shifts. If you can commit to four (4) hours - day or night - call 1-866-823-9615.

Attorney General’s price-gouging hotline

Get the latest from the National Weather Service on Gustav. Don't forget that Hanna is out there intensifying also.

From Channel 3, KTBS
Evacuees arrive at Jewella Shelter last night

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