Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Morris Dees in Claiborne Parish for news conference on Bernard Monroe shooting

KSLA is reporting that that Claiborne Parish District Attorney Jonathan Stewart has removed himself from the case of Bernard Monroe, who was shot to death in February by a Homer police officer.
Stewart is turning the case over to the State Attorney General.
Monroe, 73, was shot outside his home by a police officer who had been chasing his son. Police said Monroe was armed, but witnesses dispute that fact.
Morris Dees from the Southern Poverty Law Center was at the news conference. He said he would represent the Monroe family in any possible civil cases related to the shooting. He said he would have up to a year after the grand jury's decision to file his case.
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  1. I think Stewart made the right decision. I don't know that he had much choice otherwise.

  2. That's cause KSLA is fantastic! ;)


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