Monday, December 14, 2009

Officer fired in Sentell arrest appeals to Civil Service Board

Former Bossier Police officer Phillip Vernon has appealed his firing.
Vernon was fired for willfully misrepresenting a matter in a report. The matter that he was alleged to have misrepresented were remarks he, and fired reserve officer Jared Fisher, reported were made by Sherb Sentell, the Webster Parish ADA allegedly threatening to have them fired.
Vernon had said that the remarks were made during transport. The in car video-audio system did not reflect that.
Vernon’s attorney, Joel Pearce, said “I think the public record is very clear that the (Bossier City police) officers have been given a warning that you don’t do this to one of us — a VIP,” Pearce said. “It's a chilling effect.”
The Civil Service Board will probably hear the appeal in February.


  1. Who comprises the Civil Service Board?

  2. We will be praying for Officer Sentell.

  3. Isnt he the officer that made that stuff up about that district attorney and got fired

  4. It was not made up. Watch the videos. Sentell says he wasn't drinking, but he sets down a bar glass on the counter. All the officers at the scene will say he was drinking/smelled of alchohol. Says he didn't grab his wife, but the video shows he did. He did say he would have the officers fired, and that happend. The officers did not lie, they had no reasons too, they were just transporting someone to jail.

  5. Sentell is the ADA, not the officer. I agree with you Anon @10:12 am. Mr. Sentell's statements do not match the video but the BCPD chose to believe him when he said he didn't threaten any jobs. Something isn't right with this situation.

  6. I dont understand why officer sentell was fired - so what if he made up the stuff about threatening their jobs - he is a good cop - doing his job - maybe he just thought that and felt it would help the case


  8. The anonymous that seems to be mixed up is just jerking your chain.
    There is not mystery about why Officer Vernon was fired, as well as Reserve Officer Fisher. Sentell told them that they would be fired if they arrested him, and he made good on the threat. If they are telling the truth, why don't they release the tapes?
    They are just waiting for the chance to get Officer Wells also.

  9. Well, they will have a long wait...their own chicken coop needs cleaning first...God bless 'em!

  10. I agree - Vernon, Fisher and Sentell all got what they had coming to them - what a group of thugs


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