Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clark/Needham - Mistaken Identity or Conspiracy?


Wearing a hoodie, walking away from Norris appliance, would it be that difficult to mistake Clark for Needham?
Clark ended up using the .45 in a robery in Haughton, which leaves limited possibilities:

1. The eyewitnesses, in good faith, identified the wrong man.
2. Needham and Clark have a connection that hasn't been discovered yet and conspired with one another on the killings, or at least in sharing the same weapon.  Clark's criminal history is in Texas, so that may be questionable.
3. Clark somehow got possession of the gun from Needham after the Norris murders.
I'm sure the investigators will come up with the right answer, and I'm sure they are leaning on the woman below, Jasmine Billingsley, Clark's girlfriend, for any knowledge she has.  If she is smart, she will cooperate to her fullest.  She doesn't look too happy in the mug shot.
To answer some of the comments from the last post, this is not a criticism of BCPD at all. I believe they acted in good faith and apprehended the person they thought was responsible.  He may yet prove to be.
Both Needham and Clark are currently at Bossier Max.


  1. shame you have to apologize for that post. finding the murder weapon in the hands of someone without any obvious connection to the main suspect is a big problem for the case. that's a fact, and it doesn't make anyone anti-police to admit it.

    i'm sure the cops acted in good faith, though maybe pushed by publicity to act a bit too quickly. i'm also sure the witnesses acted in good faith. but everyone involved - whether in uniform or not - is a person. and people are fallible. that's why there are so many players and so many stages in the justice system. we can't rely on any one person.

  2. I believe they have the right man for each robbery. Clark has a criminal past, but not for murder. He discharged the weapon into the floor rather than into the victims he robbed. If you have already killed three people you have proven yourself as a cold blooded murderer, so why just shoot into the floor? On the other hand, Neeedham's name has been connected with the murder of four people in Shreveport. SPD could not make the evidence stick, but word was out on the strret in Shreveport and Bossier that he was involved. I do not think Needham would hang onto a weapon used in a triple homicide, and somehow, somewhere, Clark ended up with the gun.

  3. Wheeler, absolutely on all counts.
    Anon, that could be but unless they can make the connection they will have a hard time convicting.

  4. Jim,
    Why does there have to be a connection? Guns are passed from people to people all the time in the ghetto. Wheeler has already found copperhead not guilty. It's a shame because he has no idea what he is talking about. He is relying on the Shreveport times for his information. There is acreadon the police don't give too much information to the times. Wheeler seems to be anti-police to begin with.

  5. There needs to be a connection because if the murder weapon was used after he was in jail, they need to connect him to it, show he possessed it at time of the murders. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that they would have a hard time if they can't connect him to it.

  6. What if they weren't able to ever recover the weapon used. What does that do for your thinking? If he got rid of the weapon after the crime and then some thug gives it to another thug and that thug uses it in a crime. There maybe no connection between the two men. I believe it's explainable and reasonable people can see that.

  7. Oh and by the way, good luck on finding anyone who will admit they handled that gun. I believe the girl who was arrested is going to be key. In the end, I bet she is going to be the prosecution best witness.

  8. Agree about the girl, and I'd bet she will be happy to tell all and walk away.

  9. anon at 4:32:

    "Wheeler has already found copperhead not guilty."

    no, wheeler just believes in the presumption of innocence.

    why? i don't trust government officials of any type, and the more power they have, the less i trust them. there is no greater government power than the power to declare people criminals and throw them in jail.

    soooo, i most certainly do believe that before the state can throw someone in jail, they have to jump through all the procedural hoops of the criminal justice system and prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. the stakes are too high to simply trust the authorities.

    here, things could have gone down like anon at 1:19 and 5:20 propose. those are reasonable theories. but to put someone in jail, we have to have facts. as of right now, that's what we're waiting on.

  10. The police have to establish probable case, which is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt, for an arrest. BCPD have that in the case against Needham with the witnesses, per the DAs statements. If the witnesses made the wrong identification then I bet Needham will be released.
    The police need probable cause to make an arrest. It is not a perfect system by far but it's better than most. If you do not like the system, Wheeler, then move. Wheeler needs to understand how this system works, it's obvious he was against BCPD and for Needham. But hey, every dog has his day.

  11. "If you do not like the system, Wheeler, then move. Wheeler needs to understand how this system works, it's obvious he was against BCPD and for Needham."

    ugggh, the stupid, it hurts.

  12. you can bet clark will not admit to the killings-it will be easy to say he bought it on the street. unless they get an admission of guilt from clark its going to be a tough case to prosecute either of them unless they uncover more solid evidence.

    innocent until PROVEN guilty---unless the state can prove needham got the gun from clark, there is more than reasonable doubt that needham did not commit the murders at this point, not sure how anyone could see it any other way-if you can i hope im never falsley accused of a crime with you as a juror lol

  13. Hey Wheeler,
    Copperhead can go free right now. All he gas to do is get a bondsman to put up the 3 million dollar bail for him.
    But let's talk about the system which you dont trust. Well I say it's worked out well for copperhead. Because mist officers who have ever dealt with copperhead will tell you he has murdered people before. But because they couldnt get the evidence it would take to convince some moron like you, he was allowed to stay out of jail and kill again. If he would have murdered your family members you would be thinking differently. Smoke some more dope bro.

  14. I'm gonna step in and speak up for Wheeler. He has not in any way found Copperhead not guilty, nor has he indicted the system.

    In fact, I think just the opposite is true.

    And, Wheeler makes note that this is a complex case with so many variables that it's not gonna be so cut and dried.

    So, I don't get the criticism of what he wrote.

    Heck, Copperhead could be completely guilty of Norris' murder. But, this Clark cat's arrest muddies the water in getting a conviction...at this point.

    I'm 100% agreed that the chick is the pivot point in the deal. Heh! Aren't they always?...

  15. thanks. i was pretty sure that was what i wrote. i guess the dope had me confused. ;)

  16. There are too many egos in Bossier City and Bossier Parish right now, and none of the likes to be wrong or admit they could even make a mistake. That in itself is dangerous. The sad thing is the powers that be won't let their egos take a hit and would rather pound a square peg in a round hole before admitting they're wrong.

  17. i believe that the break they need will come one of the three agencies involved. then the case will open up for what it is. it takes time and patience and you can bet the investigators are shaking all the bushes. my moneys on the girl breaking.

  18. I think the Mayor and City Council got the gun from copperhead and gave it to Clark.

  19. Maybe Springer found the gun under Matt Sciba's mattress and gave the gun to Clark????

  20. I think they kept the gun hidden in the "mind eraser room" at the CIC.

  21. I think Jimmy Hall did it

  22. Col Mustard in the library with a candlestick - of course - (after speaking with god) Hall used the mind eraser at the CIC to convince Col Mustard he did not do it - and the only problem is that Springer is now convinced that Needham and Clark actually did not do it and she has hired Stoncipher to rally support against the government to free Needham and Clarke - it is really a shame that these conspiracies dont work out better

  23. say what?????? where did you get your info on springer and stonecipher. I doubt that.

  24. I'm Clark's current fiance', He's INNOCENT, of ask charges!! 8-16-12 HE WILL BEAT ALL CHARGES!

  25. Love you baby!! Your fiance', DE!


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