Friday, December 9, 2011

2011: Crime and Convictions

I decided to just concentrate this one on what I consider to be the three worst crimes of 2011 in Bossier.
We still have three weeks left in 2011. I hope I won’t have to amend this and include another.
Celeste Lowe
In January, Wesley and Catherine Lowe were arrested and originally charged with negligent homicide in the death of 5 year old Anna Celeste Lowe. The child died from internal bleeding caused by severe trauma.
After watching the child suffer for two days, Stepmother Catherine Lowe finally took her to Willis-Knighton Pierremont. Celeste had been dead for two hours when they arrived at the hospital.
Catherine Lowe was then charged with 1st Degree Murder, which was later dropped to 2nd Degree. In October, the DA offered her a plea of manslaughter. Just this week Lowe refused the offer.
The trial is set to begin on February 13th.
Wesley Lowe is also set for trial on February 13th on the negligent homicide charge. He also was charged in June with possession of Schedule II & Schedule IV CDS.

Bill Norris Appliance Triple Murder
Compliments of Rex Moncrief
 On April 12th, Bossier City was rocked by the triple murder at Bill Norris Appliance on Barksdale Boulevard.
Ten days later, BCPD arrested Gerald Cortez Needham aka Copperhead and charged him with the murders. Needham has a long criminal history and Bossier City detectives zeroed in on him as their prime suspect.
Fast forward to July. A robbery at Emerson’s store in Haughton resulted in the suspect, Robert L. Clark, firing a gun (fortunately, no one was injured). The bullet that was fired came from the pistol used in the Norris killings.
In the continuing story, Needham was charged by the Feds with being a felon in possession of ammunition. 100 bullets were found at his residence when Bossier Police executed the arrest warrant and a search warrant.
Needham was found guilty this week and faces up to 10 years in prison.
Clark has not been charged with the Norris murders, and is not like to be charged. DA Schuyler Marvin said that with a conviction on the armed robbery charge, he will seek to have Clark sentenced as a habitual felon under the ‘three strikes’ law. The case isn’t set for trial yet, but is set for a status conference on January 17th.

"Miss Gaye"
On August 30th, Angela Gaye Haltom was shot to death on a parking lot at First Baptist Church in Bossier City, where she was employed by the Wee Center daycare.
When she left work to go to her car, she was met by her estranged husband, Allan Haltom, who killed her and then killed himself.
Mrs. Haltom had been in District Court that very morning renewing a protective order against Haltom. He also was facing criminal charges from an incident at the family home in Haughton. Haltom had rented a car that his wife wouldn’t recognize when she left work. From there he ambushed her.
“Miss Gaye”, as she was known to the children at the daycare, was well loved by the kids and the parents alike.


  1. #4 should be the potential wrongful conviction and execution of Gerald Needham by DA Schuyler Marvin.

  2. All these are horrible but when young children are mistreated, it can get no worse. I hope all the people responsible for these crimes get what they deserve. I especially hope the Lowes pay for what they did.

  3. Kartman, I couldn't agree more.

  4. I don't really get why these people are so concerned about Copperhead. Old news, move on dude

  5. Jim, Sorry for the off topic post, just wondering if you were going to post something on this new build out proposal on the cyber center, and what all is involved in that?

  6. 12:14,
    I would like to know more about that myself. The article in the bossier press didn't explain things very well. Bubba Williams and Jimmy Hall's quotes about the new building did not make any sense. I guess they were trying to day it wasn't going to cost taxpayers anything but then said they were going to ask for $40 million dollars. Bubba told me personally several months back that he didn't vote for the first building and that he would not vote for the second one either. Guess he changed his mind. The article also says the first building is at 85% capacity. The air force will be leaving soon then what? I just don't trust Jimmy hall and the city council

  7. Jim, Did you notice that KTBS didn't even post the guilty verdict on copperhead on their website. KTBS pushed the hell outta that story, every angle. Their last story was "Needham Balks at Guilty Plea". Sounds like somebody was diappointed, I bet if he had been not would have been "breaking news", and exclusive interviews. KTBS is a joke.

  8. 12:14 & 3:02 - yes I am, just trying to get some facts. Finding out anything about finances at CIC is like pulling teeth.

  9. Jim, The reason why getting information about the CIC is like pulling teeth ought to tell you the whole damn thing stinks to high heaven.
    The building of the CIC and those involved should have made part of you "2011: Crime and Convictions" list.

  10. I doubt there will ever be a conviction coming out of the triple murder at Bill Norris's Appliance. It's so sad that the case was so botched that the best they prosecuters can do is go after the consolation prize of "habitual offender" for a robbery not connected to the murders and a federal ammunition charge. All of this due to having egos come before justice.


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