Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who stole the wreath?

Some things are just harder to understand than others.
For instance, I can understand a crackhead stealing his grandmother's microwave to sell for dope.  After all, he is a crackhead and has a serious addiction.
I can understand a deadbeat shoplifting a couple of cans of beer, after all, he is a deadbeat.
I can't understand someone stealing a memorial wreath left for a friend who died in a car accident just a few short months ago.  That is what happened to this memorial wreath left by a friend of Melissa Maggio's at the scene of the accident on Benton Road.
If you have any idea who stole this wreath, please ask them to return it.


  1. I think it was channel 3 who reported that an eye witness saw a woman wearing scrubs take the wreath. Now I know anybody can buy scrubs but if it was indeed someone in the medical field, I would think that they make enough money to afford their own wreath. I hope this thief is found.

  2. This makes no sense. I'm imagining a special spot in hell where a person like this theif goes. He is suffering then is given something to ease his pain; then, suddenly its snatched away from him and the pain and suffering returns. This scenario is played over and over again for eternity.
    Ok, maybe a little harsh.
    But it still makes no sense.

  3. I saw some guys putting up a new wreath this evening. RIP Melissa, you were a sweetie, and are missed by all who knew you.

  4. perhaps it was torn down by a utility company

  5. Ed, don't think so because it looks like the cross was left.

  6. Someone saw a woman in scrubs driving a blue chevrolet taking it down.

  7. Really? Who cares?

  8. The people who care, I'm guessing, are the family and friends who lost a loved one. And I pray you never find yourself in the same situation. God Bless you, you heartless jerk!

  9. We can all be disgusted about what happened, but the best response would be for us to send something meaningful whether it be a nice note or some flowers to the family. Merry Christmas friends


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