Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lo and behold

Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker ended speculation today and announced that he will run for re-election next year.
Walker cited the Cyber Innovation Center and the Northwest Louisiana Veterans Home as two big accomplishments of his two terms in office.
Of course he didn’t mention the layoffs in the city work force during this last term, or the fact that unclassified city workers haven’t had a raise during that term. 
He also didn’t mention cutbacks in the police and fire departments, or the firemen’s pay debacle.
But we won’t dwell on that, it will all come out in the race.
Councilman Don Williams is certain to announce for the office, and a couple of other names are being mentioned. Former State Representative Jane Smith had expressed some interest in the office.
Expect some more to pop up. 
The last city elections were a pretty boring spectacle; the mayor had no opposition and only one candidate, Marsha McAlister, challenged for city council. This round will be quite different, it might be a bumpy ride.
Councilman David Jones has stated that he will not run again, and if Bubba Williams announces for mayor, that will leave a second city council seat open.
Add to that the District 5 seat that Larry Hanisee won by 2 votes – I don’t know if Tommy Harvey can resist another run – or will he eye the mayor’s race?
Hang on to your seats!


  1. He is touting the CIC as an "accomplishment" ????

  2. I would not like to see Jane Smith run for any office. She's good for nothing.

  3. I'd like to hope that the citizens of Bossier would see through the BS behind his "accomplishments"....Let's see, he helped spend 30 million dollars on CIC which as I recall has zero permanent tenants. How many millions did we waste on the parking garage at the boardwalk? How many new fire stations did we build only to lay off firemen and police officers? Oh wait, we aren't calling them "layoffs". It was "attrition". We "lost" 6 million, then "found" it, then "lost" it again. And what about that raise to the firemen that may or may not have even been legal and that the city sort of "miscalculated" and never actually paid to the fire dept?...I realize that Mr Walker isn't 100% to blame, but he is our city's leader. He would have shown much more character had he stood up today at that press conference and said, "Citizen's of Bossier I have run this city like a ring leader at the circus. I offer my sincere appologies and promise to never ever run for public office again." I can appreciate and respect admitting one's errors. I have no respect for someone who blows our hard earned money on ridiculous and wasteful things under the pretense that he's accomplished something.

  4. You know what is scary? He said there is a lot more work to be done. Think about this, if Lo is re-elected then Jimmy Hall sticks around too. I personally believe he is obsessed with being Mayor. He is 80 years old. I mean really. Whatever he does, he won't be around much longer to see anyways.

  5. Time for Lo to go and those cronnies with him. New Blood, New Leadership and a new beginning before the end of a great city. The employees of Bossier City have been ignored by the leadership for too long. You can't speak of accomplishments when you are tied to so much that is wrong. But that is what politicians do.

  6. While I am not a Walker fan, I'd like to make a few points. First, the mayor did request a pay raise for city employees and the council refused to approve it. Second, I would love to see new blood but I do not consider either Smith or Williams to be in that category. Third, age has nothing to do with anything. That should not be a criteria in making a decision. Finally and unfortunately, it is my understanding that the mayor cannot fire Jimmy Hall so everyone's anger at him should be directed at the city council if that is true. With all that, April is a year away. A lot can happen in that time so it is way too early to start frothing at the mouth -- LOL!!

  7. Not a Walker fan says it all. The entire City is his responsibility, from employees, to roads, financial. He is responsible for all that goes on in the City including all his departments. When one or all screw up it is his fault. He is like the Captain of the ship. When problems continue the Captain gets the Axe. I do find it amazing the Police Department has been seizing a large number of vehicle due to large quanities of drugs being in the vehicles. But if you know Jimmy and have connections you get your car back and the Police even drive it to you. Wow!! Time to replace Walker, City Council and Jimmy. The City can and shall do better.....

  8. Your military analogy is faulty. The captain of a ship has complete control and the ability to fire those who do not comply. The city of Bossier is not a ship. The mayor has no control over a council who has members that publicly ridicule the mayor and refuse to consider anything that comes from him. You have city employees whom he cannot fire and city employees who regularly go around the mayor to the city council and the city attorney whom he also cannot fire. If you look at the city charter you will see that the government is set up where our city council has the final say over the budget as well as all hiring and firing. So while the mayor is not totally blameless he is certainly not the "captain of the ship!"

  9. 6:18,
    Let me correct you on a few point. He did not request a pay raise for city employees. He requested a pay raise for his staff employees only. He did this when he requested that 40 police, 40 firemen, and 40 city workers be laid off. Second, he CAN fire the city attorney anytime he wishes to do so. Jimmy Hall serves on any and all boards that Mayor Walker has power to appoint someone. For example: CIC board, port commission, etc.
    It is no secret Lo and the city council do not get along. I'm not for sure who is to blame either. I believe they should share the blame myself. One thing is for certain though. Lo is a nice guy but a horrible leader. Jimmy Hall is probably the biggest problem and he needs to go more than anyone.

  10. You are talking about the 2011 budget. I am referring to the 2012 bidget. You can read about the city council's decision to eliminate the requested raise. The only nay vote was David Jones.

  11. I would vote for "Brick" (the crazy black guy who runs in and out of traffic at Barksdale and Airline) if he promised to get rid of Jimmy Hall and clean out the vipers nest in city hall.

  12. ^^^^^^^^

    Ha Ha Ha, you got my vote for your post. Wonderful.

  13. I know "Brick." Really, I do.


    I don't think I'd vote for Brick over Lo. He has headphones (that he dances to) that are not connected to anything.

    Honestly, he's a really good guy. His plight is a long story that I won't go in to. But for the grace of God, there go we all...

  14. walker needs to go home and take hall with him they have cost bossier enough. If you don't wear the ring you are nothing and have no chance of getting any where. If V. Maggio runs he will gather all the votes and would be the best mayor the city has ever had.

  15. OH NO!! Say it Ain't So!!!! He has got to be kidding!!! He is only a figure head anyway!! Jim HALL runs Bossier!!! Not an opinion a fact!!!If Lo promises that Hall will Go, may consider the vote!! Lo says one thing, makes promises and Hall does just the opposite, and it stands!!!! Houston we do have a Problem!!!!

    April 7 8:18 Is it True? Does Lo not have the power or authority to fire HaLL??? I withdraw my support if Lo can't fire Hall!!
    A professional Hit man for himself and his agenda!! and he is very Good at what he does!!
    Be very Careful!!! He can take you down with a blink of the eye!! you will not know what hit you!!!till it's too late!! Like that clown in the usps ad he has got to go!!!

  16. Save Bossier City, do not vote ever for Lo Walker. There is just too much corruption because of all of the cronies. I saw the kickbacks to the Water Treatment Plant managers and the Utilities Department Head every time scrap metal was dug up or any other unneeded items were sold. This goes as far as the top to the Mayor himself. This money should go back to the coffers of the City of Bossier City, not into the pockets of city cronies.


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