Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hit the Links for the Lions

The Krewe of Aescepius and the Shreveport Red River Lions are sponsoring a charity golf tournament. “Hit the Links for the Lions” will be held October 6th at Meadowlake Golf Club in Keithville.
If you want to help but don’t golf for $10 you can join in for lunch, buy a few raffle tickets and shop the silent auction.
Golfers need to go ahead and get those applications in.
Here is the link for full information.

1 comment:

  1. The Lions Club is a great organization.
    They helped my older brother, that was stricken
    with polio, when he first started to walk to
    swim, ride a horse, set up a tent, and other
    skills that he may not have learned without
    their help. My brother is now one of the most
    saught after guitar teachers in the area.
    Thanks Lions Club.


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