Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things that go Boom in the night

Did you hear it? I did.
Muffled boom, my windows shook in Benton. 
First conjecture was that it was a meteorite, now the Webster Sheriff has confirmed it was a bunker explosion at Camp Minden.
The conspiracy theories are a lot more fun.
I posted mine on my personal Facebook account.
The definitive word. It was a meth lab in a trailer in Princeton, blew up. On its way down looked like a meteor. Landed on a bunker at Camp Minden.
Everyone is right.
An unnamed friend one-upped me.
You left out the key part...the Fez wearing folks were behind it.
What's your theory? (Facts be damned).


  1. I like your theory most.

  2. What did Lo Walker know and when, that's the question.

  3. May have been a bomb that Bush had left over after blowing up levees during Katrina.

  4. I don't understand why the guards at the prison in the old ordnance plant did not know immediately what had happened.

  5. It was blamed on the prison food that created a huge buildup of flatulance after 6pm.

  6. Jim, when I heard that it was felt in Shreveport, I just figured that they let Cedric Glover get up too quick after his surgery, and he fell down again.

  7. I don't understand why it took over 7 hours to come up with a bunker blowing up. News travels fast. So with everyone being rattled as they were last night. It took them over 7 hours to know some at a military camp at that blew up. Last night on the news it sd no one could find smoke or anything. And we r suppose to be believe something that big blew up and we didn't know. They sd what people say must have been the explosion lights reflecting from a cloud or something? People r CrAzY I kno but why do I feel like there is stuff they aren't saying. I don't believe in UFO's. but something is not right about this.....

  8. Anonymous is probably right. It probably wasn't Cedric falling down again.

    Love the name of the company that owns the bunker, too. Explo. (At least that's what KSLA was reporting this morning at roughly 0945 HRS).

  9. Where are the pictures?

  10. Dammit Jim, Everybody knows it was because of the video!!!!!

  11. Any word on where to file claim for damage to our homes?

  12. 9:18, not sure, I will check it out and try to post something.

  13. I just want to say I slept thru the whole thing
    I live in Dogwood which is about one third the
    distance from Benton and the boom. My wife
    said everyone in our subdivision was outside
    but me. I take Seroquel to sleep, so this is
    the proof, it works.


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