Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Morons in South Bossier

A very serious and strained situation has taken a bizarre turn.
I blogged about the latest lawsuit against the School Board and Parkway Principal Nichole Bourgeois. I also included a link to a Facebook page that has been set up.
A petition was also started on to ask the school board to remove Dr. Bourgeois as principal.
School Board President Eddy Presley responded on the petition.

Comments on the Facebook page heated up at that point.

Late last night Presley accused the people who set up the page of Cyber Bullying.

In an attempt to get a clarification and possibly calm the situation down, this morning I sent Mr. Presley the following email:
Mr. Presley,
On my blog, 'My Bossier', I have posted about the lawsuits and controversy surrounding Parkway and Principal Bourgeois.
You seem to have created quite a stir with some remarks on a Facebook page and a petition.
Would you care to make a statement about it for me to put on the blog when I engage that subject?
Jim Wells
His reponse was the following:
We r not being sued because I have not served lawsuit papers
Why don't you find out who started the petition and ask them??
In fact the lawsuits do exist.
Here is a link to the lawsuit filed by Jessica Morton.
Here is a link to the lawsuit filed by Lori Rayborn.
I don’t have a link to the lawsuit filed by Coach Musemeche, but I do know that it was filed in East Baton Rouge District Court. The suit number is 617210. The case has been assigned to Division E, Judge William A. Morvant. Attorney Jill L. Craft is representing Coach Musemeche.
So yes, lawsuits have been filed despite the President of the School Board saying that they have not.
So far as asking the people who started the petition, they have nothing to do with the lawsuits and they certainly can’t make a statement for Mr. Presley.
People do have a right to address their grievances, whether in an online petition, a Facebook page or by whatever means. I think it is good that a public official will respond, but I am at a total loss as to the manner in which he chose to do so. Calling people morons and accusing them of cyber bullying is frankly over the top. I'm also at a loss to understand how he could say that the board is not being sued.
We will see how it plays out.


  1. This is an example of "leadership" we elect today. We have fallen so far as a nation, society, and educated people. It sickens me to think that in our minds we have placed the best and brightest among us into positions of leadership to guide us, but in essence we are placing some of the most illiterate, ignorant, arrogant dumbasses we have amongst us in positions where they determine how we function and live as a society. God Help Us!!!!!!

  2. He had an opportunity to address some serious concerns that people have. He totally blew it. I think this shows where the root of the problem lies.

  3. I really don't even know where to begin with this one. Jim - you are right. We've entered bizarro world.

    I can't believe that our tax dollars are paying Eddy Ray Presley to be on the Bossier Parish School Board, much less president of it. Does anyone know the salaries for members and what their stated duties are?

  4. Mr. Machen's silence speaks as loudly as Mr. Presley's rants. The children of Bossier Parish rank somewhere below the administration in importance, at least in the eyes of the administration. Mr. Machen's inexplicable raise was the first suggestion of this statement's truth. His continued support of Parkway's principal further proves his misplaced priorities.

    1. Mr. Machen did reply, just not publicly. Another member of the petition signing called him to gain his support. His response to her was the he "does not make his decisions based on the court of public opinion."

      Basically what he told her was to "shut up, stop whining, and get over it."

  5. We've only just begun. This morning I did an over-the-phone interview with the local news and they are gathering more interviews as we speak. As I stated on the other site, Mr. Presley will be given the opportunity to call the citizens of South Bossier "morons" on camera, where 100,000+ can hear it live.

    A few of the students who committed suicide due to the bullying and inaction of the administration were my friends. They deserve justice.

  6. I guess the school board will sit on their hands, and just be useless. Yet, they can vote in a huge raise for Machen. Their arrogance will get them voted out as well.

    1. Don't bet on it. People in Bossier have been sounding the alarm about what is going on in the city and parish for years but are shouted down and accused of being "disgruntled" employees.
      As time passes the levels of arrogance, nepotism, and incompetence has gotten to the level where "the disgruntled employees" are starting to become vindicated. But until more people understand what's going on, gets involved, and demand real changes in Bossier nothing significant will ever happen.

    2. I know, there is a long list of disgruntled employees and most of us have had our fill. Time to clean house.

  7. They will just turn a blind eye and continue on as they always have.

  8. Channel 12 has a story on it, here is the link.KSLA Story

    1. Jim, has this story been removed or is it my yucky internet acting up again?

    2. I found it. I had to go directly to KSLA site and hunt it down for some reason. Thank you always, Jim!!

  9. I don't like D.C. Machen by any means but I agree with his statement not to fire someone based on some's opinion. If all of us were fired from our jobs based on the fact a few people didn't like us then none of us would have a job.
    It does seem some of these parents are using social media to bully these administrators they same way the kids use it to bully each other. Practice what you preach Parkway parents.

    1. How about firing someone because they are exposing your enterprise to possibly huge settlements in three lawsuits in less than a years time?

  10. I'd like to know how much taxpayer money is going to lawyers for these suits.

  11. Anyone else disturbed by the fact that Mr. Presley has his job, as punctuation and spelling are not his strong suit.

    1. Yes! I'm also disturbed that someone that is in the position that he is in would behave so childishly


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