Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ollie Tyler New Shreveport Mayor

Ollie Tyler has been elected to replace Cedric Glover as Mayor of Shreveport. 
Shreveport Marshal Charlie Caldwell was also re-elected. Both won by landslide margins.
Not unexpectedly, Bill Cassidy was elected to replace Mary Landrieu in the Senate, ending 18 years of service.
Cassidy and the new Republican Senate and the Republican House have promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it, and to secure the southern border without any amnesty program. I think I'll save my kudos for the actual accomplishments. To date, they are just campaign promises, and we all know what that is worth.


  1. Well with Mary Landrieu losing tonight I wonder what the Bossier Buffoons (Lo Walker and the city council) going to do now? She was the one putting tenants in Cyber Innovation Center. I still don't know what Cyber Innovations are being done there but call it whatever you want I guess. Another great decision by those guys to get on board with Mary.

  2. Well what do you know? The mayor ask for a 2% raise for the employees and once again David Montgomery and his minions shhot it down. The excuse? You guessed it we don't have the money. They seem to find the money when they want something but can't give employees 6 to 12 dollars more a paycheck. Incredible.

  3. It should have been Patrick Williams.

  4. 6 to 12 dollars more a paycheck? You must be doing Bossier math again, you know the math that go the city in financial straights to begin with. Here, let me help you get started. 1000 x .02= 20. So, if a city employee is making $2,500 a month and gets a 2% pay raise that would be $50 a month raise before taxes are taken out.
    You and the current city's finance director must have taken the same classes on finance in college. But he's the trick. Lose $6 million before and tell the city we're broke, but find it when you want the city council to pass something to waste money one, and lose it again after the city council passes the measure.
    Maybe if they can find that ever elusive $6 million, again, maybe a pay raise will forth coming!

  5. Thanks for making my point. You said take a person making $2500 a month. Most don't make $2500 a month. But I'll use your example. The raise would $50 more a MONTH before taxes. Which would mean $25 more a paycheck before taxes. After taxes it would leave around $12 more a paycheck. But like I said most don't make $2500 a month. I like your insults on the rest of them though.

  6. Montgomery, you are the same as back in school, get off the higher horse and give your workers a measly ten buck a week raise. "I am not going to repeat what happened back in what year was it, when I had wives and babies standing in front of me and asking is Daddy going to have a job?" You somewhat said at the meeting.

    Come on. old acquaintance. It's just a little that will come back ten fold.

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