Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you. I am thankful for you and the conscience you serve.

  2. How about some commentary about the lousy garbage service here in Bossier? I'm on the handicapped list, which means the garbage men are supposed to come up to my carport, take the can to the street, and empty and return it. Like all other citizens I pay for weekly service, but my can only gets emptied every 2 or 3 weeks. In the Summer, it STINKS by the time they get around to it. I have to call Public Works (an oxymoron ?) and go through the "Is everything bagged?" routine. I know being a "Garbage Man" is not the kind of glam job these guys dreamed of but it IS their job and they should be doing it! If they are not going to do it right, then the city needs to find another contractor.

  3. The dead weight higher uppers in this city that make a very very good wage and do nothing are thankful for the 2.5% wage increase that finally came from the city council.

    The meat and potatoes true workers that are the back bone, (the getter done types) of the city are insulted by averaged $6.00 to $12.00 a week raise. That will most likely be passed in the 2015 operating budget by the Council on December 16, 2014.

    The citizens of Bossier City deserve better services than are now given. The moral is the lowest I have ever seen. The farce of a hiring and wage freeze needs to end. There is a revolving door in the employment of Bossier City employees. A very significant number of the top of the line knowledgable capable employees have left to earn a better wage.

    The citizens of Bossier have suffered in less than acceptable service and benefits as taxpayers in the fine City.

    Over the last, now, approximately eight years there has been nothing but a minute unlivable wage increase in the local work force while Public Safety has been given steady increases. God bless those folks they earned it.

    There is something wrong with an operating budget that has expenditures of two thirds of it's expenses going to one third of it's work force.

    In my part of town the trash pick up has vastly improved but utilities and Public works has steadily declined.

    For a wage and hiring freeze there sure are a lot of openings, hence revolving doors. Here is a link to the Human Resources Department. Please copy and paste to your address bar and look at all the openings.

    Pay a better wage to the meat and potatoes, backbone of the city workers and you might get some employees that will be willing to learn and stick around. The employees are the best asset the operation of the city has.

    With this "hiring freeze' there has been at times up to ten openings posted.


    This is a hiring freeze.

  4. Jim, I am hoping one day you can print the salaries of the administrators and department heads/subordinates again sometime.


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