Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Tribute to Fallen Officers

Last year on this date I published In Memory of Trey Hutchison. Today we honor him again. This young man gave his all serving the people of Bossier City when he was ambushed eleven years ago while walking up to a house on Jana Place after a 911 hangup call. The person who shot him had stated that he intended to kill a police officer before he died. He killed himself before police got entry to the house.
Officer Trey Hutchison

This year this sad memorial comes on the heels of a heart wrenching week. Last Wednesday, Shreveport Police Officer Thomas LaValley was killed in much the same way. He was answering a call when he was shot and killed. The person who shot him was wanted on a warrant for attempted murder, but Officer LaValley had no way of knowing that he was at the residence. While Officer Hutchison’s killer had specifically stated that he wanted to kill a police officer, the individual who killed Officer LaValley didn’t care who he killed.
Officer LaValley with Chief Shaw in 2011

I watched the memorial service for Officer LaValley that was held at Summer Grove Baptist Church (thanks to KTBS for streaming it). It was a wonderful service; Mayor Tyler delivered the perfect remarks, as did Chief Shaw. It was good to hear Chief Shaw tell Officer LaValley’s family that if they ever needed anything, they didn’t have to come to Shreveport, but only to call. Shreveport will go to them. I won’t post more on the week or the events, we all watched on TV and online as the procession made its way down the state, and we all saw the outpouring of respect from police agencies and citizens all the way to Gonzales and then to St. Amant for his funeral & burial.
It is fitting and proper to honor these two young men, not just today but every day. I know that it is cold comfort to their families, but it is important that they know that we grieve for them and will never forget their loss.

God Bless them.
God Bless all who serve and protect.


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