Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Todd Hollenshead announces for State Senate

Todd Hollenshead, a small businessman, farmer, and Louisiana native, has announced his candidacy for the Louisiana Senate District 36 seat representing all of Webster Parish and parts of Bienville, Bossier and Claiborne parishes. The seat is currently occupied by Robert Adley of Benton, who is term-limited.  The primary election is October 24.
Hollenshead is concerned about the state’s $700 million annual budget deficit, the rising cost of college tuition, industry leaving the state, and the struggles facing Louisiana-based small businesses. He is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and supports gun rights.
“I believe our state needs new direction. We need leaders who will work hard for Louisiana and not be tied to the lobbyists and out-of-state special interests. I will listen to the concerns of our small-business owners, working families and the middle class and get to work for them.”
“There is nothing like having a grandchild to make a person want to improve their community,” Hollenshead said.  “That is one of the main things driving me to seek this Senate seat. So that not only my children, but all of our children, have the same shot at the American Dream that I did.”
Hollenshead also said he would fight for what is best for local schools and retirees, “It’s time to get our state government back to the basics. To start, we need local control of our schools. Across the board, lobbyists and out-of-state special interests have too much influence in Baton Rouge. I will listen to voters and defend our common values.”
Hollenshead is a senior project manager for Waste Managements Minden office.  In his position he manages heavy construction projects for clients across the country.
Hollenshead also raises Charolais cattle on his family’s Bossier Parish farm.  In 2010 he was named USDA Outstanding Farmer of the Year for Bossier Parish.
Raised in Bossier Parish, he has been married to the former Michelle Perry for 25 years, and they have four children and one grandchild.  He and Michelle have been members of the same Benton church for over a quarter of a century.
Hollenshead earned a degree in geology from Louisiana Tech University after working his way through school in the oilfield of Caddo and Webster parish.  He is a private pilot and also has been a Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Reserve officer for seven years.  He and his wife are active in their church youth group, school tutoring programs, Boy Scouts, Court-Appointed Special Advocates, the ACTS retreat, and a local non-profit organization, Pick-it-Forward for Orphans.  

For more information please contact James Sonneman at 318-510-1391 or visit the campaign’s website at www.todd4senate.com.
If you are a candidate for office and would like to address the voters with your platform for office, please send a few paragraphs to mybossier@gmail.com and we will publish it.  Attach a picture if you like and we’ll include it.


  1. Yawn.... We've already got two announced candidates who say roughly the same things.
    Mr. Hollenshead, you're probably a good, decent man. What would you do the make a difference? Anything? What sets you apart?

  2. Give him a call and find out. Saw him the other day at a red light and I'm voting for him. I could tell he was different.


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