Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Breakfast 101

    I put this on Facebook this morning and a few people seemed to like it, so I feel compelled to share it on this forum. I know you all love it when I share my wisdom.
    Biscuits were created to be complemented with butter. Some people brush the top with butter, in fact, I have done that myself. That is not a ‘buttered biscuit’. A buttered biscuit is a biscuit that has been split open and has a big hunk of butter put in the center. It’s allowed to melt and run down the sides (and down your chin in the process). THAT is a buttered biscuit.
    Eggs are composed of two parts, the yolk and the white. The white is all protein and the yolk is fat. The yolk is the good part. They are meant to be eaten together, that’s why God made them the way they are. I like eggs in any form, and I usually eat them scrambled. They were orginially intended, however, to be fried in bacon grease.
    Sausage - As long as the label says ‘pork sausage’ you’re good to go. (At this point I'll embellish a bit, because it was pointed out in the original post that I left off Biscuits smothered in sausage gravy. By all means - smother them. Do not use packaged gravy mix! Cook your sausage down, sprinkle a little flour on it, let it cook for about a minute then hit it with milk.)
    Bacon is cured pork belly. Simple test – if it’s not pork, it’s not bacon. Of course, the pork belly can be cooked in other ways, braised with a nice glaze for instance. Let me see you eat a nice glazed ‘turkey belly’ and maybe you can make a believer out of me.
    Grits, yes grits. This is the south, not freaking Idaho. We eat grits down here. Grits, when they were created by the Lord, were intended to be eaten with salt and butter. Personally, I also prefer lots of black pepper. I have heard of people putting sugar on grits; they are obviously confusing them with cream of wheat, and they probably are Yankees.
    If you enjoyed a breakfast of ‘turkey bacon’ and an ‘egg white omelet’, more power to you. Now get in your Prius and head on over to the Hillary rally. 
    I’m going to eat breakfast.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Wally World or No?

By John E Settle Jr. 
The Bossier City-Parish Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) meeting on Monday (June 13) has 8 agenda items dealing with the proposed new north Bossier Wal-Mart. This hearing will probably be standing room only,—and the votes by the MPC will then head to the Bossier City Council. This proposed development has created the largest citizen outcry in this decade by a city known to be very very business friendly,—so much that private citizens believe that their interests are frequently ignored.
The Oden family owns a substantial tract that fronts on Airline and Wemple road that they hope to develop much like the Target/Sams commercial area just north of I-220 and Airline. The first effort is the proposed transaction with the Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust (WMREB) and the MPC applications have created a storm of opposition that Wal-Marts have experienced in other locations throughout the nation. Specifically the WMREB has the following items up for vote on Monday: to change zoning classification from residential agriculture to B-3 General Business for a Walmart Supercenter and Fueling Station, for preliminary plat approval for the Wal-Mart Wemple Commercial Development Subdivision, an application for an exterior lighting review of the proposed Walmart Supercenter, an application for a Conditional Use Approval for 24 hour operation of the proposed Walmart Supercenter,  an application for Conditional Use Approval for the sale of high and low content alcohol for off premise consumption at the proposed Walmart Supercenter, a Conditional Use Approval for the sale of low content alcohol for off premise consumption at the proposed Walmart Fuel Station, a landscape review for the proposed Walmart Supercenter as well as a landscape review of the proposed Walmart Fuel Station.
The new store would be located approximately 3 miles north of the existing Walmart Supercenter on Airline, which naturally has lead to many questions as to the future of the existing location if the new SuperCenter is approved. Bossier has already experienced the major closing of commercial center on Benton Road near the overpass when the Kroger Market Place opened  and  the Kroger at that center. A Walmart spokesman declined to directly answer that closing issue, only stating that the new proposed Supercenter was a completely separate market—the growth north of I-220.
An MPC spokesman indicated that 2 major planning concerns were drainage in that area if the development is approved along with additional traffic on Airline Drive. WMREB is to present their proposals on drainage and traffic at Monday’s meeting, which should include the $64 question—who is to pay for any remedial efforts to alleviate the negative impacts of the development on both drainage and traffic. Neighborhood opposition has also focused on potential declines in values of personal homes and a possible increase in crime.

After the MPC votes, the Walmart circus will then move to the Bossier City Council for final approval. The Council recently voted to annex the 99 acres that includes the land intended for the Supercenter. This vote was taken after the Council had previously voted to de-annex this tract due to citizens. Eventually, this dispute could end up in he courts.

John E. Settle, Jr. is a attorney in private practice in Shreveport-Bossier and owner of ArkLaTex Title Company. John is a member of the State Bars of Louisiana, Georgia and California and has been practicing law for over 40 years. John writes a weekly column for The Inquisitor and is featured in other local interest publications.
Copyright © 2016 John E. Settle, Jr., All rights reserved

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

On Memorial Day, we honor those who have fallen in service to our country.  I have compiled a list of service men and women from Bossier Parish who have died in action, beginning with World War I. This list is as complete as I could make it; if you know of anyone who is not on the list, please let me know and I will add them. List of everyone from Louisiana who was killed in all wars.

Thomas E Doty
Robert N Gaynor
James H Roach
Clark Strayhan
Allie Bryant
Stephen Fullwood
Allen Gleason
Arthur Jackson
Gus Williams
Murphy Williams

Willie B American
James O Avery
William Bedingfield
Guy A Buie
Gay Clark
Charles R Clemens
Thomas B Cole
Lamar Coleman
Harold J Courtney
Garland E Hickman
Campbell B Hodges
Woodrow W Holland
Louis A Johnson
Robert A Johnson
Grant King
Eugene E Lossett
Jake Maniscalco Jr
Horace J Miller
James V Palmer
Allen S Powell
Hines N Ritch
George F Rowe
Wilburn Sheppard
Roy T Strange
Stephen T Strayhan
John L Swilley
Harold M Valentine
Charles W Watson Jr
Kenneth Winham

David Grisham
James Kelleher
C Steelman

Arthur Norman Welch
Dennis Bedelle Black
Alton Delaney Kellogg
Wallace Lee Ogea
Isaac David Faughn
Charles Reuben Miller Jr
Arnold John Rahm
Dolroy Francies
James Walter Myles
Herbert Walter
Milford Donovin Carter

Craig T Nelson
Bernard C Sembly
Julia V Atkins
Joshua C Burrows

Michael Garcia
Larry D Bunn

Republished from 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

Election Day Predictions

My record at predicting is mixed at best, but here are my predictions for tomorrow. This is based strictly on my observations, not necessarily my preferences.

Governor - John Bel Edwards
Lt. Governor - Billy Nungesser
Attorney General - Buddy Caldwell
State Senate District 36 - Henry Burns

I'll post the results tomorrow night.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hollenshead endorses Gatti

Todd Hollenshead, who finished third in the State Senate District 36 primary with 26% of the vote, officially endorsed Ryan Gatti in the State Senate District 36 runoff to be held November 21st.  Gatti finished second in the October 24th primary with 34% of the vote.  

Todd Hollenshead Endorsement Statement:
"Today, I want to publicly endorse Ryan Gatti in the State Senate District 36 runoff on November 21st and I ask that you join me in supporting him to represent us all in Baton Rouge.
 During this election season at public forums and events, I have gotten to know him, and like me, I feel he has Louisiana's best interests in mind.  In Ryan, I see a person with the tenacity to do what is right for Northwest Louisiana.  He is a Christian, a dedicated husband, and devoted father. 
 Ryan and I both grew up working with our hands.  I went to work in the oilfield to pay my way through college.  He worked for his dad's salvage yard.  We both learned early on the value of a strong work ethic.
 We need fresh ideas and someone that won't be a "yes man" to anyone but the people he represents.  Career politicians helped Bobby Jindal make a mess of our state.  As I have said throughout this campaign, the definition of insanity is electing the same legislators over and over again and expecting different results.
 Lobbyists in Baton Rouge know that certain legislators will be a good return on their investment, which is why they keep flooding campaign accounts with PAC donations.
 We need someone like Ryan who will make things right again and represent the people of this district, not lobbyists and out-of-state special interests.  I am trusting now that Ryan will fight for our businesses and our families, make our teachers and children's education a top priority, protect our precious unborn and build a firewall around the Second Amendment. 
 I am asking that you also support him with your vote.  Join me and let's all work together to make sure we elect Ryan Gatti on November 21st."

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Edmiston, Sessions both win in landslides

Congratulations to Jill Sessions and Bobby Edmiston who won their races for Clerk of Court and Tax Assessor.
In other local races, Henry Burns and Ryan Gatti will face off in the general election for State Senate in District 36. Dodie Horton handily won her bid for Burns’ 9th Representative District seat.
For Police Jury District 4, Sonny Cook is the winner. Jack “Bump” Skaggs carried District 5 easily and Freddy Shewmake won Distric t 9.
In Statewide races, we’ll have a runoff for governor between John Bel Edwards and David Vitter. At this point, it appears the Lt. Governor race will be between Kip Holden and Billy Nungesser. Buddy Caldwell and Jeff Landry will be in a runoff for Attorney General.

Tom Schedler walked back into the Secretary of State’s office, as John Kennedy did for Treasurer, Mike Strain for Commissioner of Agriculture and Jim Donelon for Insurance Commissioner.

Election Day

Tonight after the LSU game the results should be coming in and I will post them.
We will know who is in the runoff for Governor.
We will know who will serve as Clerk of Court and Assessor.
Legislative races will be settled in most cases.
Comments are open again without moderation. Please keep it decent and respectful.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

One more shot at the race for Clerk of Court

I pulled most of this from my first blog post about the Clerk’s race back in April. Even after all of the back and forth in the comments, so bad at times that I had to take down a blog post to stop it, these are still the basic facts of the race.
Your comments are welcome, but as badly as I hate to do it, they will be moderated and must have my approval before they go up on the blog. It’s a shame, but I won’t allow it to turn into pandemonium in the henhouse. Please keep your comments on point – you all know the rules. If you believe that anything I have stated is not factual, by all means call me out.

Today I want to talk about the race for Bossier Parish Clerk of Court. A lot of people are a little unclear as to the duties of the Clerk of Court and they are manifold. This is one office that will definitely affect you if you live in Bossier Parish.
Do you vote? The Clerk of Court is the chief election official for the Parish. The Clerk is responsible for making sure those precincts are staffed and equipped, that they operate as prescribed by law for the hours prescribed. The clerk also tallies the totals to report to the Secretary of State.
Own property? Your deed and mortgage are recorded with the Clerk. The office has all property records from the inception of the parish in 1843, so the Clerk is also an archivist.
Getting married? Guess who issues your marriage license.
Getting Divorced? Guess where you file that lawsuit.
Need a Protective Order to deal with an abusive household member? You go to the Clerk of Court to get it in motion.
Criminal cases, ditto. Staffing each Civil and Criminal Courtroom and issuing subpoenas? The Clerk’s office.
Been summoned to serve on a jury? That too.
This year the candidates are Jill Sessions, an eight year veteran of the office, and Monica Hudson, who served in the office for about that length of time under Wilna Mabry.
In the past, this was a hand-me-down office. Since the 1930’s, in fact, the person elected had experience in that office.
Wilna Mabry was Chief Deputy to Mrs. Broussard, who was elected after her husband, the Clerk, passed away. By the time Miss Mabry ran for Clerk, she had decades of experience and had served for years as Chief Deputy.
Joan Carraway succeeded Wilna Mabry. Mrs. Carraway had decades of experience and had served for years as Chief Deputy.
Cindy Johnston, our current Clerk, ditto. Decades of experience in the office and years as Chief Deputy.
This is where the chain ends.
The current Chief Deputy, Jill Sessions, was just appointed in February at the time that Mrs. Johnston announced her retirement. She only has 8 years with the office, and has served in limited capacities, so it is not the level of experience that people have expected in the past.
Monica Hudson, who currently works for DA Schuyler Marvin as a victim’s rights advocate, also has almost 8 years experience with the Clerk of Court’s office, albeit in the past.

The experience that counts comes from the 35 deputy clerks who work in the office. For the most part, they are capable and some have the decades of experience that really does matter. These are the people who will make a new Clerk, whomever is chosen, a success.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Race for State Senate 36th District

Robert Adley is being term-limited out of the State Senate, leaving the seat open. There are three contenders, and in my opinion all are top quality. Burns comes closest to being an incumbent in this race with all of the blessings and burdens that go along with that. My opinion is that it won't make a difference.
Gatti is running a very aggressive campaign and seems to be very well funded. Hollenshead is also campaigning actively. Frankly, I'm undecided in this one, they all have points that I like. Click on their names to go to their websites.

Henry Burns has been serving as Representative for the 9th District and was the first to announce for the seat. Burns, a retired Army Officer, is a former owner/operator of The Wooden Spoon Bakery for 22 years. He is also an independent oil & gas operator and raises thoroughbreds.
“My sole purpose has been to serve you and encourage you...on the frontline everyday. We share the same concerns of taxes, highways, ethical government, economic development, and education.”
Burns could have run for another term in the State House, but chose to seek the Senate Seat instead.

Ryan Gatti is a Bossier City attorney who is seeking his first political office.
For the last 15 years, Ryan Gatti has served Northwest Louisiana as a Bossier based attorney and small business owner. He has helped countless families going through their toughest times, including families dealing with situations resulting in traumatic brain injuries. He served as President of the Bossier Bar Association and in 2013, he was selected to receive a Crystal Gavel Award for his commendable efforts in aiding the administration of justice by gathering and reviewing a significant number of cases on behalf of the 26th Judicial District Court. Ryan also sat as District 1W Judge in Shreveport from 2007-2009, presiding over Workers’ Compensation trials.
A lifelong conservative, Ryan is the Vice President of the Republican Party of Bossier Parish.  An active member of First Baptist Church of Bossier, he is both a deacon and teacher for kids and youth.
Todd Hollenshead is a businessman and farmer and like Gatti is seeking his first political office. Hollenshead is concerned about the state’s $700 million annual budget deficit, the rising cost of college tuition, industry leaving the state, and the struggles facing Louisiana-based small businesses. He is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and supports gun rights.
“I believe our state needs new direction. We need leaders who will work hard for Louisiana and not be tied to the lobbyists and out-of-state special interests. I will listen to the concerns of our small-business owners, working families and the middle class and get to work for them.”

If you are a candidate for office and would like to address the voters with your platform for office, please send a few paragraphs to and we will publish it.  Attach a picture if you like and we’ll include it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

To the Candidates

This isn’t addressed to any one candidate, but to all, especially those running for a legislative seat.
Dear Candidate:
Louisiana is faced with a lot of problems, and nearly all of them are budget related. I’m glad that you are pro family values – so am I. I value my family and want them to be good productive citizens. My family values are based on my upbringing and from raising two children. Now I have grandchildren and great-grandchildren and I value them very much. I didn’t get any part of my belief in family values from a politician. You worry about the budget and get Louisiana on a sustainable course. We’ll handle the family values.
I know politicians love the 2nd amendment to the constitution. It’s great that you support it, but that is hardly a brave stand in Louisiana, where everyone and their grandmothers own guns. There is absolutely no chance that a Louisiana Legislature will pass, nor a Louisiana governor sign, any bill that limits gun rights. In fact, quite the opposite is true. So while we are glad that you support the 2nd amendment, don’t worry. Spend your time worrying about the budget and how you would rectify the funding problems that we face.
So far as loving constitutional amendments goes, some of you don’t seem too fond of the 14th amendment. The Supreme Court recently made a ruling using the equal protection clause of that amendment which has stirred up a lot of controversy. Alas, neither you nor a clerk of court from Kentucky can overrule the Supreme Court. I know that some of you have tried to turn this into a religious freedom argument, but it simply isn’t. If the lady in Kentucky can’t uphold her oath and do her job, she is free to get a job where she doesn’t have to do that. And she is free to believe and worship as she pleases; she doesn’t have the right as a public official to impose her beliefs on others. Neither do you. Don’t waste our time with this, concentrate on the budget.
While you are at it, how about sharing your ideas for solving the recurring budget crisis. There aren’t any more cans to kick down the road. The legislature has begged, borrowed and stolen from every available fund to fill the gaps in the budget for the last several years. There are no more left to plunder. Tell us what your ideas are to solve the problem on a long term basis.

Leave the family values and such to us.