Thursday, August 14, 2008

Air Force Shuts Down Cyber Command to 'reconsider'

After months touting its intention to be the front line for defending cyberspace, the Air Force has suspended plans to establish its much hyped Cyber Command program.

Air Force officials will reconsider retaining BAFB as the provisional headquarters of the command, which would coordinate the defense of computer, electronic and telecommunications systems and would launch cyber attacks on the nation's enemies.
Michael Donley, acting secretary of the Air Force, said Tuesday he's rethinking the Air Force's plans for the command to consider what form it would take "and in what national framework," suggesting the Air Force may play a smaller role in the war in cyber space.
Local politicians who sunk more than $100,000,000 into building the Cyber Innovation Center to back up the command, are playing the usual CYA games:
The Governor: "Having talked to Gen. Elder, he has assured us this is a normal part of the review with new leaders coming into the Air Force," Jindal said in a phone interview. "We're still moving forward. Our goal is to make sure that Barksdale is absolutely positioned for the Air Force to expand."
Mayor Lo Walker: "This is business as usual in Bossier City,” Walker said at the press conference." (Anyone have any idea what that means?)
If you recall, the $100,000,000 from the state and local governments was to support the command because it would bring '5,000 or 10,000' new jobs to the area. This ain't chump change.

Work just began on the CIC:

I believe some politicians from the Bossier Parish Police Jury, Bossier City and from the State will have some explaining to do to the people after their assurances that 'this was a done deal'. More tomorrow.

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  1. Wow Jim, thanks for the post and your site, very informative. You interest and commitment to LA politics is amazing and inspiring; can you clone yourself 49 times and spread it around?

    I'm an air force vet married to an active duty air force officer who's currently deployed. We're stationed a KAFB, howdy neighbor. I'm at home in California until deployment is over.

    Anyway, thank you for the post.


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