Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Domestic Violence in Bossier Parish

Earlier this year, we featured the story of Isabella Thamm, an 18 month old who lived in an abusive household. Despite various arrests of both her mother and father on domestic violence battery charges, and the arrest of her father for drug charges, Isabella was still in the home.
She was killed by her father when he threw her into a door jamb.
Lance Thamm was charged by DA Schuyler Marvin with 1st degree murder. A status conference is set for December 2. We will let you know the results of that, probably more motions, but perhaps a trial date will be set.
The whereabouts of Isabella's mother, Vanessa Ferris, is unknown. A warrant was issued for her in May for violation of probation in a disturbing the peace conviction that was related to domestic violence.
In the next week or so, we will take an overview of domestic violence in Bossier Parish. We will feature a guest blog by Bossier City Attorney Samantha McAllister, who specializes in family law, and particulary in cases involving victims of violence.
A positive note in all this is the effort by DA Marvin to establish the Family Justice Center, which will provide comprehensive aid to all victims of domestic violence. He deserves our thanks for his work on this crucial project.
If you need to familiarize yourself with Isabella's case, I am providing links to our other blog posts about it, and the video we put up in January.

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  1. Jim
    This is a sad fact of life that very little attention is given to.
    Domestic Violence needs to be addressed in all areas of the state.
    Dope and drinking are major contributors to this problem as well as the overall low average education level of the population.
    Its a trap that most couples fall in to, rather than go their seperate ways...In a situtation such as that, the people inmvolved keep saying things will improve, but 99% of the time they only get worse. Anything that can be done to get the message out help's.

  2. Jim, this is sickening. No one saw it coming? No one cared enough or had time enough to pay attention to Isabella.

    Lord, have mercy.

  3. Vanessa Ferris is in San Antonio, Texas trying to gain access to the son Lance was convicted of abusing while she did nothing to stop. They are both guilty. She is not as innocent as she wants everyone to believe. She chose Lance over the boy and now that Bella is gone she wants the boy back.


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