Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moon Griffon quits Republican Party

Conservative talk show host Moon Griffon, of Monroe, who has a statewide radio audience, had spent much of 2007 supporting the gubernatorial campaign of Gov. Bobby Jindal. But last week, Griffon said in an interview that he had quit the Republican Party and re-registered as a “no party” voter.

Complete story in The Advocate


  1. Jim, I listen to Moon as often as I can over the internet. He and I attended the same Louisiana institution of higher learning, albeit, years apart.
    I have been a republican since 1964 when I registered in Webster Parish. I am now in east Texas and am an officer in my county party. I am going to resign my office during tomorrows meeting.
    I voted for Baldwin for pres and the libertarian for senate.
    I am sick and tired of being democrat lite.

    PALIN—DELAY in 2012

  2. More and more people are going independent. The major parties have become a 2-headed snake.
    Chuck Baldwin is good, and I like Ron Paul.
    I respect anyone who will tell the truth as they see it and not kow-tow to the powerful.


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