Saturday, November 15, 2008

MLK family: Where's my check?

The family of Martin Luther King, Jr. believe they should be paid 10% for any election memorabilia bearing the image of Barack Obama and Dr. King.
Never mind the fact that he is a historical figure, they believe they own his image.
Legal experts say that technically they may be correct, but it would be almost impossible to collect.
By the same token, Barack Obama should be paid his 10% too.
How about the Lincoln family? I have seen a few publications with pictures of Obama and Lincoln.

There are already lawsuits filed by members of the family aginst other members and the Foundation. Read about the King Family Lawsuit.


  1. The media copyright laws are never held to the test. Photographs of just about all subjects are fair game and seldom are those who use others images prosecuted. I could say where is my check because my alter ego is in the public eye often. My held out hand is empty when it comes to that.

  2. Other than copyrights on anything he wrote, or perhaps certain recordings, unless the photos are privately owned I think they're out of luck.


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