Friday, March 13, 2009

Motorist harassing cyclists with paintball gun

Reprinted from the Norla Blog:

I wanted to inform everyone to be on the lookout for either a Chevy or Ford dark colored two tone truck with a lift kit on it. It has either a primer or light colored tailgate. It is lifted pretty high and we believe it is in that area frequently.
I was heading south on Ellerbe Rd between Robinson RD and Tim Fitzgerald’s house around 12:30 this Saturday. The truck was heading north on Ellerbe Rd and shot me with a paintball gun close range. I didn’t see it coming they didn’t slow down or swerve at me, it caught me off guard because I have been hit with items several times and normally see it when it happens. They shot me as they passed me head on and it hit me directly in the thigh.
I had two people try and chase them down but by the time they stopped and asked what happened and the gap between passing cars they couldn’t locate them. I have a feeling this might happen again so I want to warn everyone who rides. I called the police and the sheriff’s department is looking for the vehicle and there is a police report on file. I couldn’t get a license plate number because I had to stop and turn around going downhill to try to get it. I will say I am ok and I didn’t crash but I am extremely lucky also. I had moved over a little to dodge some rocks on the road. When they shot me it moved me and the bike over on the road and hurt like hell. If it would have hit me above the shoulders it would have been bad. I had Tim Fitzgeralds brother and a lady with her two daughters stop and help me. Tim’s brother called him and Tim showed up immediately to help out along with a couple who I can’t remember their names, sorry they where Doctors. Please keep a lookout for this vehicle, if you see it please take down the license plate number. I would love to press charges on the people who did this. Thanks Tim and company for helping me out.
Jason Ham jsnham@yahoo. comjsnham@gmail. com318-780-5443

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