Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poisonous Politics of Bossier Parish

Feelings from the Judge's race last October are still simmering in Bossier Parish. I've been ignoring this for a couple of months, hoping that it would improve.
It hasn't.
My catalyst to finally say something was the Times article the other day and then Marty Carlson's article in The Forum today. Both were about a series of anonymous letters about Patrick Jackson to his family, his church and even his kid's schools. The letters make some unsubstantiated claims and some outright false claims about Jackson.
Although a lot of people (myself included) expressed some doubts about the ethics of Jackson acting as the attorney for both the School Board and for contractors working for the Board, it appears that the letters originated during the Judge's election, when Jackson supported Mike Craig over Judge Burchett.
I supported Judge Burchett in the election and have no apologies for that.
I do feel that both Judge Burchett and Judge Craig are honorable people who got caught up in a very nasty election.
Mike Craig won and is serving as judge. It is time to move on and remember that our public officials are elected to serve the people, not their own egos and those of their supporters.
Both sides need to reach out and put an end to the animosity that is continuing.
As for the anonymous letters, I consider them to be a despicable act of someone who has no purpose but to stir up trouble and to poison the atmosphere.
If you have something to say to Mr. Jackson, call him and tell him - and please, man up and identify yourself when you do so.
And leave his children out of it.


  1. Jim, you say "it appears the letters...." You must have actually
    seen one of these letters, right?
    Ms Carlson and Mr Pierson never saw
    the letters before writing about the sick, demented author of them.

    Jim, let me ask it this way, if I
    call Ms Carlson or Mr Pierson and
    tell them I have been receiving
    threatening letters about my personal safety and the safety of my family. Are these two people going to write a story based on what I say is in the letter or are they going to want "evidence" and
    facts to base the story on?

    Think about it, Jim.

  2. im not sure how these letters are "connected" to the judges race just because jackson's hunch is such. im not even sure why jackson would make something like this public in the first place. i mean i would assume he called peirson about the article?

  3. No, his daddy called Pierson and he
    wrote the entire story concerning content & dates of letters based on what Jackson told him they said.
    Deflection of attention at it's finest.

  4. whether purposeful or not, every time the times runs an article and mentions craig, they bring up him not paying child support, having liens out for not paying taxes, etc-just as they cherry picked cases against the other side, you know craig will have some real dandies after six green years---if i were a wanna-be judge i would be licking my chops lol

  5. I say it 'appears' because I did not see the letters. If I had seen the letters I would have left off the 'appears'. The Times reported that they appeared during the election.
    I believe that Mr. Pierson did see copies of the letters. I'll have to re-read the article.

  6. Yea why don't you do that because when people report as fact what
    "appears" to be isn't always the case. In fact, why don't you call
    Mr Pierson and ask him what his source for the article was?

  7. HEAR IS THE REAL QUESTION. Wasn't it even more surprising that neither Schuyler Marvin or Mike Craig knew nothing of the letters??? They are thick as thieves!! The Jackson camp said that it was over the judges election. Seems to me that over the last 6 to 8 months that it would have been brought up. Do they think we are that stupid?? Maybe a bit of distancing on their part or there were never any letters to begin with.

  8. Jim I agree with the poster lack of evidence. That just dosn't make sense. How is it that the letters were unkown to them(Marvin/Craig). Especially given the relationships of the three before, during and after the election. Something smells!

  9. In the Times article, Pierson did write that The Times had also received letters regarding Jackson.

  10. Come on Jim, you have nothing to
    report? The LLA report came out yesterday in draft form. Give us all your wisdom and tell us how great things are in Bossier Parish.
    Oh yea, never mind I forgot, you're
    a fraud. Voice of Bossier my ***

  11. What's to report? I gave my opinion about the Times article and about Marty's column. This is a blog in case you haven't noticed. You know, my opinions and ideas.
    If you want the news, go to

  12. My point exactly!!!!!

  13. Good, we're in agreement, it's a blog.

  14. im not so sure ms carlson would be considered a neutral party-she works for Lane Pittard as his secretary, and both he and his wife heavily campaigned for Craig.

    inquisitor reporting an interesting case with marvin and henry brown, actually going all the way back to the suspicious mond's case, where 60 minutes did a special on Brown as the deadliest DA in the appears this Pilkington character killed a man execution style///he is best friends according to reports with Henry Brown. The report also says that Pilkington (the supposed killer) sat on the Jury when Brown convicted this guy Monds years ago, who Milkovich 8 years later got the conviction overturned. Apparently according to the Inquisitor Pilkington's son in law is a big contributer of Marvin's, and was also a contributer of Craig. Maybe this is why they are NOT pushing for 1st degree murder charges, Pilkinton's wife was killed when she was 27 by a gun shot wound to the head---a "suicide" according to the coroner, although fully clothed in the bathtub! yea right!

  15. I saw the Inquisitor headline but have not bought one yet. I will get it and check out this article.

  16. By the way, I did "man up" and
    speak to Mr Jackson and got the
    run around. Why don't YOU man up
    when the LLA report comes out in two weeks?

  17. I'll be glad to publish the results of the auditor's report and give a link to it as soon as it is available.


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