Monday, March 23, 2009

Bossier Superintendent Search: Is the fix already in?

The Bossier Parish School Board has launched its search for a new superintendent – or has it?
A committee has been formed and an ad is running in the Bossier Press Tribune. Applications will be accepted until April 30th.
The formalities are being pursued, but I’m not sure that a new superintendent is.
Several members have expressed their preference for the ‘same old, same old’ in the person of Assistant Superintendent D. C Machen.
Is the search genuine or is the fix already in for Machen?
I suspect the latter.


  1. It is obvious that Marvin does not have his dad Corky's integrety or morals and his ethics are questionable at best. Most of us have resigned ourselves to the fact that Bossier & Webster will always be run by the crooked good ole boys & not much we can do. Didn't attorney Gold win a case very similiar to this in Bossier in 1990, Chandler kiiled his wife's lover and the DA gave Gold open filed to tear the wife up on the stand and let the killer go free. Anyone remember Fallon, convicted of murder in Bossier, never served a day of real prison time, ran the benton jail, hell even had right to drive a police car. I wish some one would finally review Marvin's cases he lets his friends walk on Dwi, even ones who blew twice the legal limit, where is MADD when this occurs, where is all that Money marvin stashed away when he opened separqate bank accounts for pre trial diversion. I thought we finally sent a mesage when them there two Judges was conviceted."JUSTICE AINT FOR SALE" The hell it aint, it is if Marvin and his short man sydrome is in your back pocket. I hope its true that the feds are closely monitoring him, cause untill the feds step in justice is for sale in bossier

  2. Jim, you might be interested to know that D C Machen is now in full campaign mode. He's calling principals, teachers and anybody else he feels can pressure board members to elect him. The sad part is that he was the asst-superintendent K Kruithof trusted to oversee the finance and maintenence departments. He shouldn't even still be employed by the BPSB after what has transpired under his watch.

  3. I'm not surprised to hear that, and I agree with you. He was in charge of administration.
    I've been checking the legislative auditor for the audit, but it's not up as of today. I'm really anxious to see that.

  4. LLA asked for an extension till April 8th. You can't imagine how many entities, both public & private, are waiting to see that report. Not just the original report, but the response from BPSB and the response to the response.

    Jim, if a public body, on the advice of counsel, refuses to include documents the public asks them to add to minutes during open meeting. What would you call that?

  5. im pretty sure said documents can be obtained through a Freedom of Information Request,they have to supply on demand if available or within 3 business days


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