Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bossier Deputy rescues man from icy water

Bossier Parish Deputy Sheriff Harlan Dredge responded to a call on Sligo Road of a man calling for help at about 3AM.
When he arrived at the scene, he heard the cries and realized they were coming from the bayou that runs beside the road.
Thomas Hart lost control of his car in the rain and ran into the bayou and was trapped in 18 ft of water. Dredge jumped into the bayou and pulled the man to safety.
A spokesman for Willis Knighton Pierremont said that Hart's core body temperature was down to 75 degrees when he arrived there.
Good job, Deputy Dredge!

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  1. this was heart warming. An awesome young man. Thank you for doing what you do, truly serve and protect. Another young man has a second chance to live because of you. God Bless you.

  2. What a wonderful story! Standing ovation for the officer.

  3. Jim - you got a kudo for finding a single public servant you applaud - congrats

  4. I applaud public servants regularly, anon - just not self serving politicians so much.

  5. I thank God we have a great Sheriff's Department. Especially now with the Mayor and City Council destroying public safety in the city limits.


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