Thursday, October 25, 2012

Benton Candidate Forum


  1. For the record:
    The Mayor and the Chief of Police were not consulted in the planning or scheduleing of this "forum". Evidently, a flyer or flyers have been posted in businesses in Benton without the knowledge or approval of Mayor Cathcart or Chief Pilkinton. Doesn't surprise me. Mr. Hillen and Mr. Sheflett are not serious about the campaign. Mr. Hillen is on trial for payroll felony theft and Mr. Sheflett is a close friend of his. They are doing their best to continue poking the hornets nest. At some point, they will regret their actions. As one who knows the truth, I pity Mr. Hillen and Mr. Sheflett. They have chosen to take the low road and behave like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

  2. Honestly , doesn't the town clerk have more important things to do at work besides campaigning? Is this what we, the taxpayers, get for our money?

  3. No comma after "we" or "taxpayers" is needed. Hmm, doesn't take a genius to figure out what unintelligent dipstick posted the above comment.

  4. Go Gene Hillen. Pilkington got his position because the last police chief died. I think it's funny how Gene was considered a great officer until he decided to run for police chief against Pilkington. After that is when he all of a sudden became a crook. Schylur has tried every plea deal possible because he know the charges were B.S. Gene hasn't backed down and I've noticed more of his signs around town this election.

    1. Newsflash-Hillen was never considered a great officer. He already is Benton Thief of Police, now he actually thinks he can be Chief?!?!? This town can do without that clown.

  5. Last night allot of folks turned out for the candidate forum in Benton. Unfortunately someone or some group felt it necessary to anonymous report to channel 6 and spread the rumor thru the local hair cutting salon (KACO's) and neighborhoods that this event was canceled. From the turn out, people are interested in the candidates running for the Mayor and Chief positions.

    I asked the moderator Charles P. Clark (, 318-344-4512 ) what was going on and he told me this bad news. He initially contacted all the candidates 4 days before, posted flyers and contacted news media. I was contacted and I confirmed I was going to attend immediately. The two incumbents Mayor Cathcart and Chief Pilkinton apparently dodged his attempts to confirm or deny . I, as well as Cathcart were interviewed 2 days prior by Channel 6. I watched that evening and the forum was advertised on that segment.

    I'm not sure if a article written by Marty Carlson of the Bossier Press Tribune is the begginning of this cancellation or a nod from her to the current incumbents for this type of behavior to continue.

    I feel that this is the lowest form of political corruption and hope that you will inform the voters that unfair tactics are being used to keep them in the dark. This is the second time Cathcart has dodged a public debate with me. I attended a debate event at the Holiday Inn downtown put on by the exchange club. All District Judges and 2nd Court of Appeals Judges candidates were present. I would hope that one day the Good Ole boy network and Corrupt Politics of Benton well yield to fair debates and a informed voter not influenced by financially contacted incumbents and the spreading of false and hurtful rumors.

    I attached my letters I have sent in response to her for your review. I have been told that my response will be in the Bossier Press Tribune Monday paper.

    Thank you,

    Ken Shiflett

  6. Everyone in Benton should know by know how Charles Pilkington is. He is one who hires a female officer and that officer then files charges on him..HHHMMM!!! Why is this all hidden? Well maybe because he does not want the town to find out what goes on behind closed doors and what he does. Gene Hillen is a great person and I do not believe that he took any money from anyone, if it does not belong to him he is not going to take it. Yes Charles Pilkington is a dirty person, because of the things that he done to Mr. Hillen the first time he ran against him. I can say Mr. Hillen would do a get job for Benton, Louisiana as Chief of Police. So all of the residents there in that town need to sit back and really watch out for the crook that you have as Police Chief now. Just make the right decision Benton, Louisiana....

  7. This poster misspelled 'Baptist'....

  8. We are all so glad Hitler, Hillen, whatever his name is, lost.


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