Friday, September 11, 2015

Bobby Edmiston for Tax Assessor

I said that I might be making an endorsement, so consider this the first one.
Bobby Edmiston is a lifelong resident of Bossier Parish and a graduate of Airline High School. He has a BA from Louisiana Tech University. Bobby has been Bossier’s Tax Assessor since 1998.
I like Bobby, he does a good job running the Assessor’s office. He has also served his country in the National Guard for years, and was deployed in 2010. He’s a nice guy.
Let’s remove the elephant in the room before we proceed. Bobby got a DWI ticket earlier this year. If guilty, he used terrible judgment in driving while he was drinking. At worst, he could be described as an occasional social drinker. The case hasn’t gone to trial yet, and he has the capable counsel of H. Lyn Lawrence, Jr. If he is found guilty, he will be sentenced. For a 1st DWI that would likely be a fairly hefty fine and some probation, and he would serve it. He was not serving in an official capacity at the time of the alleged offense.
In summary, he has served for the last 17 years and discharged his duties well. He also discharged his duties to our country in honorable fashion.

He wants to keep his job. I believe that he should. I have no reservations in urging your support of Bobby Edmiston for another term as Bossier Parish Tax Assessor.
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  1. From the perspective of a public-user, there is no better Assessors office in Louisiana. The assessors mapping system is well-maintained. The office is staffed with capable people who are exceedingly friendly and helpful.
    Turnover is often a good thing. Change of leadership often leads to necessary improvements. However, in this case, the incumbent presides over an office Bossier can be proud of. Bobby's personal mistake hasn't hurt the Assessors office. He has my vote.

  2. Bobby Edmiston is a great public servant with honor and integrity. He has served Bossier Parish with exemplary character since day 1. As far as the DWI issue, if in fact Bobby was beyond the threshold of the .08, then he made a mistake and I am sure he will tell anyone it was a mistake. I am sure he will do what is right to address the issue. Most people do not understand how easy it is to reach the .08 threshold! That being said, the DA has a lot of options on the 1st offense in regard to the prosecution or the lack there of. Bobby and his family are fantastic people and he has faithfully served Bossier Parish and our Country! I cannot thnink of a better person than Bobby!

    1. Sam you are a nobody in this political field. I agree with you but who do you think you are. You were run out of town.

  3. My experience of using the Tax Assessor system is quite positive. I believe Bobby Edmiston has been a great, qualified and dutiful servant to the Bossier Parish. His department is efficiently run, transaction postings are timely and his office is always willing to assist. He administers his duties fairly. He has my vote!

  4. It's no contest between Edminston and Maggio. Edminston has all the experience to serve the people of Bossier Parish and Maggio has none. Maggio currently is a semi-realtor and school bus driver. Neither of which qualifies her to take on such a job as Tax Assessor!!


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