Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Qualifying: Day One

UPDATE: Day 3 - Not sure if complete, will double check tomorrow. Today Charles Gray filed for Police Jury District 9, and Patsy Maggio filed for Tax Assessor.
UPDATE: Ryan Gatti and Todd Hollenshead were the only two notices filed on Wednesday. Both are running for the Senate District 36 seat.

The following candidates qualified at the Bossier Parish Clerk of Court's office for the October 24th primary election. I will update for the next two days. Then we'll get into discussions. Then the fun begins.

State Senate District 36:

  • Henry Burns
  • Ryan Gatti
  • Todd Hollenshead

State Representative District 8:

  • Mike Johnson

State Representative District 9:

  • Dodie Horton
  • Michael McHalffey


  • John Chandler

Tax Assessor:

  • Bobby Edmiston
  • Patsy Maggio


  • Julian Whittington

Clerk of Court:

  • Monica Hudson
  • Jill Sessions

District 1:

  • Robert Brotherton

District 2:

  • Glenn Benton

District 3:

  • Wanda Bennett

District 4:

  • Douglas Cook
  • Johnnie Jorden

District 5:

  • Barry Butler
  • Jack Skaggs

District 6:

  • Rickey Avery

District 7:

  • James Cochran

District 8:

  • Douglas Rimmer

District 9: 

  • Fred M Shewmake Jr
  • Charles Gray

District 10:

  • Jerome Darby

District 11:

  • William Hammack

District 12:

  • Paul Plummer

If you are a candidate for office and would like to address the voters with your platform for office, please send a few paragraphs to mybossier@gmail.com and we will publish it.  Attach a picture if you like and we’ll include it.


  1. I may be wrong but I think Dodie Horton is running in State Rep 09. You have her listed as Sylvia.

  2. I just picked up nanes from their paperwork, I'll change it so folks will know who we're talking about.

  3. I saw on face book that the Sessions showed up at a Hudson fundraiser jim could you get us info on that cause that is embarrassing for Sessions campaign. Looks like they are having trouble with getting votes and what about all these signs on Burt Blvd and Mr Sessions mad cause the Hudson group put up a sign on that street. This is very unprofessional and would like to find out what they are doing .(Sessions group)

  4. Ms Hudson is getting a warm welcome from Benton . Welcome Ms Hudson

    1. Ms Hudson is a fine Christian lady and will win this election we are praying for you Ms Hudson keep up the great work.

  5. This doesn't have to do with Bossier but did you see that Cedric Glover is running for office? State Rep, I think.

    1. I did, I think that's the same district he used to represent, could be wrong

  6. Can't believe Patsy Maggio is throwing her hat into the Tax Assessor ring. She has a long history of filing police reports. Two of the most ridiculous ones involve calling them to report her husband won't help her discipline the children (7/22/13) and calling them to report her sister over an incident with a curling brush (5/10/10). She also has been seen flipping off passers-by. On occasion the whole family parks their cars all over the grass, she has begun to paint her house a bright blue when caught sending out letters impersonating the HOA, she has put up derogatory signs in her front yard while the neighborhood children are passing by her house in the 4th of July parade and this last 4th of July Parade she got on her riding mower (yard was cut day before) to make noise and spray grass clippings at the parade participants as witnessed by the BCPD who were assigned to the parade. Is this the type of person you want representing our parish?

    1. I think I had much rather have someone fitting that profile than someone that is drinking and driving in a parish vehicle and running into another car and injuring someone (could have easily killed someone) and costing the taxpayers lots of money. Something Mr. Wells forgot to mention. He must have forgotten that part since he is endorsing him.

    2. Maggio lacks the professional demeanor to serve the people. She strives in controversy whether it be her neighborhood, her job(s) or her community. When someone always has such drama going on in their lives one has to wonder what the common denominator is,....her! She is not an unbiased leader and the assessor department would have very low morale if elected. You may think you are supporting the lessor of two evils, based on their recent criminal charges, but I assure you, Maggio would be the worst choice overall for this position.

  7. Jim what is going on write a update on these races ?

  8. I'll get into it this weekend.

  9. No one joined the sessions at the rodeo tonight in Benton they crash another one they had to set outside the gates to push there campaign they could have just sponsored like Henry Burns this is comical

  10. I heard the same thing this is pathetic

  11. TO ANONYMOUS SEPT 12, 2015: No one joined the sessions at the rodeo tonight in Benton they crash another one they had to set outside the gates to push there campaign they could have just sponsored like Henry Burns this is comical.

    Which night were you talking about at the rodeo? Where were you at? What'cha talkin' bout Willis? I was there at the rodeo with the Sessions... the rest of our group separated and went to the different football games. Not sure what rodeo you were attending Cowboy. Another one bites the dust. Go TEAM JILL. Yee Haw! Sounds like someone dropped the ball on their campaigning at the RODEO! Also, we went into the stands at the rodeo and it was a blast. My little girl loved it. Campaigning went well and ended with a night of family fun.

  12. GO TEAM JILL!!!!!!!

  13. Thank you Mr. Jim. The Sessions sign has been removed from the breakroom.

  14. I find it extremely hilarious that a grown woman feels the need to "blog" about a sign in the office break room! It's just a way for all of us to express and show Jill we support her and stand beside her! Yes, I said beside her. She is one of us! She knows the hard work we put in daily and the details that can't be overlooked in order to accomplish our duties. .for the public! My request for this person, and you know who you are, at least have the respect/decency for yourself and speak up about your issues with someone in the office. You must know we all know who you are..quit with all these petty "blogging games".

    1. I am in the group walking and you don't have a clue who I am nor will you ever. I am think you have Bubba running this office and I don't like it Jill. I won't vote for you but you will think I am. I am sick of walking and yes I have heard as you plot against Hudson. This is sick, And yes that is why we keep call Mr. Jim and getting things taken down.

    2. Someone needs to get in control of the COC office. Mr Sessions needs to go home and let his wife learn as much as she can. Education will be the deciding factor in this race. It is already showing that she is having problems in the office and has lost control of the employees. Mrs Hudson is standing on her own merits and think that the Sessions needs to run on there merit or should we say the lack of . I think Mrs. Sessions is a nice lady but being nice can not run the COC office . Can Mrs. Sessions please provide her employment records as to what jobs she has held before . What are her qualifications . Ms. Hudson you need to do the same.

  15. I feel that everyone has a right to their own option and who they feel will make the best candidate for the Clerk of Court.. I know both of the candidates and have been around them both and I can tell you that I feel Jill Sessions will make the better Clerk of Court. For many reason, I have witnessed first hand the true Monica Hudson just as many others have and know that there is no way college degree or not she will be able to run the Clerks office. Monica has spent all her time bashing the other candidate and the Clerks office to the point that people are seeing her true side behind her act and has drug many others down with her. Its is not about making up lies and living for hurting other people and family members to try to win votes!!!!! Its not about trying to promise other people things you know you can not for fill to try to win votes. It is not about going to all these events to stand up in front of voters and tell one lie after another to win votes. I have witnessed on several accusations and even had Hudson approach me not realizing I was a Sessions fan to only say some very untrue statements and lies about the other candidate and the Clerks Office. See People see who will be the Honest, caring, hard working very capable of running any office in the Clerks office They see who has run a clean race and who continues to stand up for what is right not what will win her votes. Its about the public and making sure they know who Jill truly is and I can tell you She is very intelligent and cares about her employees and the public and their families, She too is a Christian and has family values and knows what it is like to have to work hard and not have everything handed to her and to appreciate others. I have read how she has been bashed over her not having a college degree well I can tell you this She is extremely intelligent and has always been. I know the truth always shows up and on October 24th Sessions is the best candidate for Clerk of Court!!!!!!!!! I pray Hudson will focus more on running on her own merits Just as Jill has done since this race started. Jill is not one to run a dirty campaign nor would she nor her family purposely hurt the other candidate or family members to win votes!!!!! I hope everyone takes this last month to do what is right and not continue all this bashing and trying to hurt others to make themselves look better. I along with many ,many others and family will be voting for Jill Sessions!!!!!!!! .

    1. We are sick of this Sessions! Your the only playing dirty.

    2. Sessions grow up.

    3. What lies has Ms. Hudson told about Mrs. Sessions ? You keep saying that but never say what she is saying that is a lie. And why exactly do you think Mrs. Sessions is qualified for this position be more transparent .

  16. The other Blog was shut down. But yet here you are doing the same ole same ole. Whey don't yall just let it go . Have you ever thought you are talking to voters has that ever crossed your mind. Accusing Hudson but doing it your self. Now that you have that out of your system lets get down to the facts. Please both of the candidates will yall just answer the questions that you are being asked.????

    1. Yes I agree they shut it down because Jill isn't supported by all. I hate coming to work but I need my job. Again I have to make appearances and act like I am all in this but really I am tired. I said this before I am tired and have to walk so I suck it up and do it.

    2. Mr. Wells I would like to see Sessions and Hudson debate. Can u have that arranged? We see the Republican candidates debating and it really let's the voter know more about the canidate.

    3. Anonymous September 24, 8:19
      First off NO ONE is Made to walk nor have been told they have to walk!!I also am not real sure the appearances you are having to make and if you are sooooo Tired and truly hate coming to work get another job!!! Why stay where you hate to be so bad its obvious you are not a TEAM PLAYER!!!! I also am in the walking group and have NEVER been told I have to walk I choose to walk and support Jill 100%

    4. Don't lie. You are made to walk or will lose our jobs or be demoted. Yeah did someone that is not walking get demoted. I am now commenting for my wife as she works and walks. Your lies don't fly here. We all know the truth.

  17. Miss. Hudson how many jobs have you had?
    Mrs. Sessions how many jobs have you had?
    Will yall answer this or Jim do you know?

    1. There is nothing better than a good cat fight! That Mr. Marvin is so nice and handsome. I had the pleasure of meeting him the other day. It seems that he runs a good office and Ms. Hudson is working at the DA's office so I'm leaning towards her.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. I think everyone needs to just calm the hell down. Y'all hear now?


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