Monday, January 28, 2008

Guest Blog from Isabella's Mother

Vanessa Ferris, the mother of Isabella Thamm, has contacted us in an effort to let people know and understand the situation she was in. For the first time, we will publish a quest blog in order to allow Vanessa a forum. She intends, with the help of friends, to get up a website. When that is done, we will let you know. We are also publishing three pictures of Isabella that Vanessa sent.

My name is Vanessa Ferris. I am Isabella's mother.
The blog articles have sickened me. First of all you all have no idea what was truly going on here. I had a foot out the door. I tried for months to find a place to go. the Providence house....the YWCA... the rescue mission. No one ever had room. After his last incident I called two and three times a day. I was working with friends to get set up somewhere else but it was taking time and I thought that I had time.No I didn't know that this would happen. He caused violence towards me, but never did anything towards her...EVER..Why don't you all ask why there are no places for people to go? I had no money being a full time college student. Why is there only one domestic violence shelter here and now it is being closed down due to embezzlement and refused state funding?? Where are we supposed to go?? How many children have to die before there is room??? Yes, I did start fighting him back.. and then I got smarter and went back to school so I could take care of her properly. I am not violent and I am not a drug abuser. Why don't you get a little fact before giving your opinion?? Look into the domestic violence programs here and why they never have room. Petition for funding for the YWCA, do some good.I did the article for organ donation so maybe more people will help other little babies. Isabella has saved two lives already. Don't ever imply that i am some violent druggie that never tried to get her the hell out of here. That was all that was on my mind...


  1. Hi,
    I have been researching Isabella Thamm's story and my heart goes out to her mother, Vanessa. If Vanessa reads this, could you please contact me, I would like to ask her something. my email is
    kindest regards,

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