Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thamm Charged Twice for Domestic Violence

Isabella Thamm's mother says 'I can't make sense of it', in speaking of the murder of her 17 month old daughter by her father, Lance David Thamm. Isabella died yesterday in Christus Schumpert Medical Center of injuries suffered in the attack. Thamm has been charged with First Degree Murder.

“I have a lot of anger,” said Venessa Ferris, who was in school when Thamm called her to tell her Isabella was sick. “When I talked to him on the phone he was acting like he would if it was a cold or something. When I got home it took me five to 10 minutes to get her to a hospital. There could have been so many things different. I don’t know if he had fear because he caused it, or if he just didn’t comprehend. I’m asking myself so many questions."

I have a question too. Considering that the Bossier Parish Clerk of Court's criminal records show that Thamm was arrested in February of last year for domestic violence and then again on December 28th on the same charge, as well as charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphenalia, my question would be why was this child still living in a household with a violent, drug using, abuser?

Why were you surprised?

Ferris agreed to donate Isabella's heart and liver for transplant. "If this can help somebody it will make me really happy."



  1. This happened to their first child. Why did they have custody of the second. The mother had to have known he would hurt another child again. I blame both of the parents for the toddlers death. The mother is back in Texas, to get away from possiable charges that might be filed on her. Both parents are at FAULT.

  2. Yes, he abused the first child. No one except his parents even knew there was a second child.


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