Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mother of Murdered Child on Probation

Vanessa Ferris, the mother of Isabella Thamm, is on probation for charges filed last year in Bossier Parish. According to records in the office of the Bossier Parish Clerk of Court, Ferris was arrested first on February 3rd, 2007 for committing battery on Lance David Thamm in violation of LRS 14:35.3 (domestic abuse violence). She bonded out on the charge and was set for arraignment.

She was arrested again on April 9th, 2007 on the same charge. She bonded out again. She appeared in court on June 20th, 2007 and entered a plea of not guilty. Trial was set for August 22nd, 2007, and then reset to October 3rd, 2007 at the request of indigent defender Richard "T-Dale" Woolbert. On October 3rd, 2007, she appeared before Judge Ford Stinson and was allowed to plead guilty to disturbing the peace. She received a 30 day sentence, suspended, and was put on six months probation. This would mean that she is about halfway through her probationary period.

Remember, Thamm was arrested on February 2nd, 2007 and charged with domestic abuse violence. Unfortunately, no bill of information was ever filed with the clerk of court and no further action taken. Since no bill was filed, we don't know who he committed violence upon. This was the day before Ferris was arrested for physical abuse against Thamm.
Thamm was arrested again on December 28th, 2007 for domestic abuse violence, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphenalia. Again, no bill of information was filed, so we don't know who he abused in this instance.
We will try to fill in the blanks and get more details.

This paints a picture of two very troubled, violent individuals - throw drugs into the mix and it created a deadly environment. I don't know if any investigation was made into the welfare of the child, but it seems that four arrests in the household, two for the mother and two for the father, would be a red flag to authorities when a young child is present.


  1. She fought back. She got arrested. She tried the shelters. They are closed down or full. She tried educating herself. Day care takes time. He was out of jail again. She got drunk and cried. probably smoked a joint. and woke up the next day and left for school.
    I think you have to reach a little to find blame.

  2. Excuse me???

    leanne I bet you don't know about their first child, a son, who thank god is now either with her sister or mother can't remember which one.

    I give her no sympathy for she was warned by Child Protective Services in Texas that this may happen again if she chose to stay with Lance and have more children. She was offered her son back as long as she left Lance (who served a sentence for either abusing or endangerment to their first child), followed some rules and steps/guidelines offered to her, but NO she had to chose a man over her child. She is just as much to blame as he is. She should have learned the first time. Too bad it took the death of an innocent child for the lights to come on.

  3. That's Ford Stinson for you, whatever the good ole boys tell him to do , he does it. But when that baillofs son tried to get a bailbond he said no way, because the District attorneys office owns the Judges, who has not figured that out yet? They did not like the grouchy Judge cause he did not follow orders so they outed him

    Hey Ford, remember the ass whipping hanging judge Campbell gave you? You vowed to never talk down to a lawyer in open court, well i have seen a different side of you?

    They say Justice is for sale in Caddo
    well in Benton it ain't for sale, it is free for the pickens if you are in with the Minden good ole boys

    cant wait to see what happens to Marvins best friend who just got a dwi, bet it never comes to trial. Go get that story Danny, or are you afraid of Marvin

  4. I haven't heard anything about the friend and the DWI. If you have any info on it, email it to me. It will be absolutely confidential.


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