Friday, January 25, 2008

KTBS - Dish Network

I sent an email to George Sirven, General Manager of KTBS:

Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 7:31 PMTo: Sirven, GeorgeSubject: Dish Network

Dear Mr Sirven,
I am a Dish Network subscriber and of course, can’t get Channel 3 any longer. I was pleased when I was able to get local stations on my dish rather than out of town affiliates of the major networks.
My question to you is what added value does Channel 3 offer in the last four years that makes it worth more than twice as much to Dish Network?
I really believe that you are shooting yourself (and your advertisers) in the foot by not reaching an agreement.
Thanks for you time

I promptly received a reply today:

Thank you for the email and comments regarding Dish Network. We will continue to search for solutions to this problem. In the meantime, I recommend you explore other options of receiving our signal-- either with an antenna or other cable or satellite provider that carries our signal.
Your question can be quite complex. Nonetheless, we just want to be treated like other television stations Dish currently carries. They have made it clear to us they will not pay KTBS because we are single owned entity and not part of a major corporation. While this does not make a difference to you, the viewer, we do not believe this is fair.

While I appreciate the prompt reply, I have only two comments. First, I like Dish Network and do not intend to change just for Channel 3. I will have to live without them.
Second, I still believe they are shooting themselves in the foot, fair or unfair.


  1. I am ready to boycott the both of you. I don't see that anyone cares about the viewer. I am ready to cancel dish and never watch anything connected to KTBS. Chanel 12 news is looking better and better as my news source. If I wanted to watch TV over my antenna I wouldn't have satellite. Seems no one cares about the viewer. Dish gave us Hallmark to make it up to us. Guess what, I already pay for that in my program package. So what is the viewer going to see something for all that "diligently working" they keep talking about. I am rather tired of suffering for their disagreement. Come on it has been over 5 months, who is going to be the one to be the bigger by standing up for the viewer?

  2. KTBS has become greedy. Their priorities have been shown.

    DISH Network does them a favor by sending their signal out across the ArkLaTex via a better method. Here, in Simms, Texas, I cannot get a decent signal for KTBS on my regular antenna. I can receive the NBC and CBS affiliates fine. So, in my eyes, DISH Network is expanding KTBS's viewing market.

    Ah! But KTBS has seen the fee DISH network charges for quality signal, and they want to cash in on that. KTBS is an affiliate of a free, national corporation, yet this particular affiliate seems to have a different priority in mind, instead of its customers; money.

    Perhaps, if and when an agreement is made, KTBS will then buy a new, super awesome triple doppler radar that they can hype up and compete with the other stations, while being dead wrong about the weather.

    Oh, by the way, thanks to the greedy people at KTBS, I cannot watch the NBA finals.

    KTBS, I do hope you cave in and realize how foolish and greedy you appear in the public eye for this sad attempt at getting more money for a service you're not even providing.

    Or maybe, you won't cave in, and continue throwing out ridiculous gimmicks in an attempt to get ratings so you can pay your bills.

    In closing, if and when DISH Network decides to either humor you, or let you have your penny a day/per viewer, which you do not deserve, I will not watch your news broadcasts, nor your national TV line up. You've ruined my view on ABC on a national scale, not just on this poh-dunk local scale.

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