Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cyber Command Organization Chart & List of Units

Air Force Cyber Command today released some details of just what the command will look like during the interim period before a permanent base is named for its headquarters.

Provisional commander Maj Gen William T Lord stated that the command is working on a budget, detailing organizational realignments and establishing policies and procedures.

Part of the article published today on the AF Cyber Command website is below. Go to the website and read the entire article for a lot more detailed information. For a list of new units to be created and reassigned to Cyber Command go here.
"The proposed organizational structure of the command calls for a headquarters, a Numbered Air Force, to be designated as 24th Air Force, and then four wings with more than 65 squadrons assigned to those wings collectively, to include units from the Reserve and Air National Guard. The headquarters will oversee the Air Force Network Operations Center and through the NAF, will command an Air and Space Operations Center. These functions serve to set policy, enforce standards and guide the rest of Air Force in its daily cyberspace operations. "
There will be four wings within AFCYBER to include the creation of a new Electronic Warfare Wing and a new Cyberspace Wing. Joining the new wings will be the Air Force Information Operations Center, located at Lackland AFB, Texas, which will be re-designated as the 688th Information Warfare Wing. Finally, the 67th Network Warfare Wing, located at Lackland AFB, Texas, will round out the command. "


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