Monday, March 24, 2008

The Race for the Fourth

The field of candidates for the 4th Congressional District seat being vacated by Jim McCrery is shaping up.
The Republicans are:
Chris Gorman
Dr John Fleming

Both are solid candidates from a Republican standpoint. Unfortunately, they both seem to support the policies that have put us in such an untenable position in the Middle East. Neither one seems to suggest that we should pay for this war, as we have for every other war in our history. We are borrowing ourselves into oblivion to pay for Bush's adventure, yet neither one of these conservatives addresses the issue. Don't look for anything outside normal Republican talking points from these two.

On the Democratic side, Artis Cash has made noises (no surprise), Patti Cox has talked about it, John Milkovich has announced. Milkovich is an interesting candidate; a pro-life, evangelical Democrat. Look for the Democrats to pour a lot of money into the race if Carmouche is on the ballot.
Carmouche apparently doesn't have a website up yet, but hopefully it is in the works. I'm anxious to see how he addresses the issues.

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